Meet H3C Intelligent Network in Singapore

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On September 19-20, 2018, Network Virtualization & SDN Asia 2018, a theme conference of TechXLR8 Asia was grandly held in Singapore. H3C Group (hereinafter referred to as "H3C") under Tsinghua Unigroup made its debut on this conference and showed all the innovations and practices in the new digital network to nearly 5,000 customers and partners from around the world.

Li Li, Vice President of H3C Group, said in his keynote speech of "Embracing AI and Advancing toward the Future of Network Intelligence" that network intelligence has become an inevitable trend of network development. However, we could not expect results overnight. To realize the intelligence of network, attention should be paid to the four aspects, namely architecture change, technology integration, phased evolution, and ecology-based cooperation.

First of all, the network architecture is the cornerstone for the whole network development. At present, H3C has already taken the first crucial step in architecture change. H3C uses the SDN/NFV technology to realize network decoupling and then further enhances the flexible and elastic application of network resources with the cloud-based architecture. For a long time, the network system has been a one-way input-output logic relationship. To make the network intelligent, a feedback mechanism must be introduced to report the network status to the upper-layer businesses through the self-perception and self-learning of the network, timely optimize the network scheduling and form a closed loop for the positive operation of the network.


Li Li, Vice President of H3C Group, delivers a keynote speech at the conference.

Mr. Li believed that the value of any isolated technology is limited. In the process of digital transformation, it is necessary to surmount technical barriers and realize cross-border integration of multiple technologies, for example, by combining the traditional CT with the IT technology and currently hot technologies, DT and OT. Only in this way will an intelligent digital network be truly built, with the maximum commercial value achieved based on technology integration for customers.

The most important point is that the intelligent network needs to be planned in an orderly way to achieve smooth evolution. First, H3C will realize the automation and visualization of the network, including the indication of location, status, capacity and faults. Then, H3C will rely on big data analysis and modeling, online learning and other technologies to observe and predict the capacity and risk of the network. At last, the completely independent intelligent network will be realized with the self-development of AI technology and its deep integration with the network. Realizing a complete intelligent network focusing on users' application and business intentions is H3C's long-term goal and vision for network development.

Intelligence of network is not a goal that a single enterprise or organization can achieve. To achieve this vision, all members of the entire industry need to cooperate with each other and make joint efforts, and if they succeed, all the partners within this ecology will benefit from the process, realizing the transformation from "ecology-based cooperation" to "win-win". Mr. Li indicated that H3C would be willing to give full play to its own advantages and work with peers to jointly promote the future development of network.