H3C Hosts Digital Tour 2024 in Malaysia, Showcasing the Latest ICT Innovations in the AIGC Era


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 21, 2024 — H3C, the leader in Digital Solutions, proudly announces the commencement of the H3C Digital Tour 2024 in Malaysia. Themed “Dedication, For A Smarter Future,” the event serves as a platform to unveil H3C’s latest advances in the dynamic ICT landscape.

Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia, delivered an opening speech to kickstart the H3C Digital Tour 2024 in Malaysia

Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia, kicked off the event with an inspiring speech on the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content (AIGC) and its pivotal role in Malaysia’s digital transformation journey.

“As we enter a new digital era, AIGC is at the forefront of innovation, stimulating economic growth and enhancing productivity across sectors,” Ma stated. “H3C is dedicated to leading Malaysia’s digital revolution. The Digital Tour 2024 embodies this dedication, offering insights into future AIGC-enabled solutions that will revolutionize business operations, education, and healthcare.”

The event showcased expert discussions on crucial topics, including the promise of Wi-Fi 7 technology, and the debut of H3C’s all-optical solutions and innovative SMB products. The sessions concluded with an overview of H3C’s Partner Policy for 2024.

Tan Kean Kong, H3C Senior SE Manager, delved into Wi-Fi 7 technology, showcasing its capabilities and future potential. His presentation emphasized H3C’s readiness to launch Wi-Fi 7 products, set to transform wireless infrastructure with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Fong Chee Wai, H3C Solution and Products Manager, also introduced the H3C All-optical Solution, focusing on future-proof network infrastructure with enhanced bandwidth, compact design, and inherent surge protection of fiber technology. Fong’s presentation spotlighted optical APs and the iOptic Ethernet products portfolio, reinforcing H3C’s dedication to network innovation.

Recognizing the significance of SMBs in Malaysia’s ICT sector, H3C has also tailored next-generation products specifically to meet their unique challenges and opportunities. Elyssa Zhu, Senior SE Manager, presented H3C’s Next-generation SMB Products designed to support SMBs on their digital transformation paths. H3C aims to tackle common SMB challenges, such as talent scarcity and infrastructural limitations, through cost-effective and user-friendly solutions. Dave Xiao, Channels Sales Leader, wrapped up the sessions with a comprehensive overview of H3C’s Partner Policy for 2024. The policy includes partner incentives, training programs, and the development of a strong technical service team.

The H3C Digital Tour 2024 in Malaysia provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders, partners, and customers to engage with innovative projects and technological solutions poised to reshape the ICT sector. As Malaysia forges ahead with digital transformation, H3C remains a key player, offering forward-thinking solutions to meet the market’s current and emerging needs.