H3C Empowers Dalian Education Park Interactive Computer Lab Education



Dalian Xiaoyaowan Education Park is a comprehensive education park integrating kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and high school. It adopts the H3C Learningspace solution to build 10 computer classrooms and 6 language classrooms.

Customer Values

Rich teaching functions: H3C Learningspace solution provides rich teaching management and interactive functions, as well as humanized UI interaction. Most functions can be completed with one click on the main interface, making it easier for teachers to get started, and the teaching methods are richer. Teaching means more flexible;

Simplified management and O&M: Learningspace provides a unified management platform that can not only unified management of VDI classrooms and VOI classrooms, but also unified management of computing, storage and network resources, and can achieve health monitoring of systems and resources, as well as course templates , virtual classrooms, cloud applications, cloud servers, account systems, storage systems and other functional modules, which significantly reduces the difficulty of school operation and maintenance of cloud desktops.