Fujian Broadcasting & TV Network Group


Developing smart radio and TV should begin with innovation. With the impact of the Internet, the radio and television industry must overthrow its traditional one-way audio-visual mode and create more customized and high-quality services. Early in 2014, Fujian Province launched a high-definition interactive cloud TV platform. This platform, which includes eight modules such as live television, interactive video-on-demand, channel catch-up, and public information, provides TV audiences in Fujian with services that are far superior to those provided by traditional radio and television.

After years of development, Fujian Broadcasting & TV Network Group cooperated with H3C, a subsidiary of Unigroup, on the interactive video-on-demand business system to implement and accelerate the construction of "smart radio and television" and follow the development trends of cloud computing and other new technologies. By launching a Fujian broadcasting & TV interactive cloud platform, they upgraded and rebuilt the underlying architecture, facilitating and accelerating the intelligent transformation of the Fujian radio and television industry.


Hardware and software convergence to create an efficient interactive cloud platform

In recent years, the HD interactive cloud TV and broadband services of Fujian Broadcasting & TV Network Group have grown rapidly. The current network and devices cannot meet the requirements and require urgent upgrading and reconstruction. Under this background, H3C helped Fujian Broadcasting & TV Network Group develop a complete efficient, reliable, flexible and agile cloud-based architecture based on the hyper-convergence and cloud management platform. By using the UniServer R4900 G3 server as the push-based streaming server and the UIS hyper-converged and storage system as the main hardware carrier, H3C built a software-hardware integrated cloud platform based on the CAS virtualization platform, CloudOS cloud management platform and ONEStor distributed storage system, realizing the heterogeneous management of third-party platforms.


H3C solution architecture

Complete support for the smart transformation of radio and television from delivery to ecology

Unlike the traditional infrastructure, a major feature of Fujian broadcasting & TV interactive cloud platform is agility. The out-of-the-box hyper-converged all-in-one devices of H3C realize agile delivery. H3C's software-defined storage solution built a flat, on-demand, flexible, scalable and agile business delivery platform. H3C's hyper-converged management platform can display key resource usage status and performance monitoring indicators through visualization and data, inspecting the risks and hidden dangers of the hyper-converged environment automatically and intelligently. In addition, in response to the security regulatory requirements of the radio and television industry, H3C provided multi-dimensional virtual technologies for compliance and security protection.

Thanks to the secure and agile architecture, H3C implemented the integrated management of various delivery processes through a unified cloud management platform, improving the overall operation efficiency, reliability and stability. Besides, the open interactive cloud platform can free the upper cloud business management platform from complicated underlying architectures.

In early 2020, Fujian broadcasting & TV interactive cloud platform not only provided the main platform integrating life, learning and entertainment for TV audience through its abundant program content and smart interactive mode, but served as a major source of authoritative epidemic information. The digital platform built based on the high-efficient devices and technologies of H3C played an important role in the platform. In the future transformation of the radio and television industry, H3C will continue to lead the frontiers of the smart radio and television innovations and accelerate technological innovation and business transformation for radio and TV customers in China.