Wasu Group


Driven by digital technologies, the construction of "smart radio and television" redefines our understanding of the radio and television industry.

As a leading state-owned cultural and media industry group, Wasu Group is accelerating its transformation to an integrated operator of smart radio and television and a digital economy service provider. During the transformation, Wasu Group has cooperated with H3C, a subsidiary of Unigroup, to build the Wasu Cloud (a distributed cloud computing platform) to offer all-around support for businesses of the group. The platform also enriched the functions of the cloud platform with edge computing and innovative architectures, enabling this efficient and flexible cloud platform to play a key role in the enterprise development and future innovation.


Cloud platform accelerates the transformation of smart radio and television

Traditional IT architectures are expensive and stiff. Facing this historical opportunity to develop the smart radio and television industry, Wasu Group has sped up its transformation in three strategic directions: new networks, new media, and big data. In cloud computing, Wasu Group has cooperated with H3C, a cloud computer leader, to jointly promote the planning and construction of a distributed cloud computing platform, vigorously cultivate new formats of services by taking the cloud as the core, and improve the service supply capability and management operation of the digital economy.

In the specific planning, H3C has actively promoted the smooth evolution of Wasu Cloud into a larger-scale distributed cloud platform, to meet the resource requirements for the expansion of the edge nodes and business systems of Wasu Group. This not only reduces costs through the scale effect, but also provides standard and efficient technical services. In the cloud, Wasu Cloud has introduced the Cloud Management Platform (CMP), a multi-cloud management platform of H3C, to uniformly manage the central cloud and the edge clouds of all districts and counties. On the edge, Wasu Cloud can provide lightweight cloud network services and cloud security services by upgrading the unified infrastructure system (UIS). In addition, Wasu Group has also realized the unified entry management of network resources of the entire network by deploying lightweight SDN controllers on edge clouds and a super controller on the cloud.


H3C networking architecture

Based on the all-around innovation from the center cloud to edge clouds, H3C fully empowers Wasu Cloud in building the distributed cloud infrastructure platform with complete capabilities to provide customers with intelligent full-stack cloud services. Besides, the cloud integrates cloud services based on the unified cloud operation portal, and supports refined cloud analysis and multi-cloud management.

Carrying group businesses, driving future reforms

Currently, the distributed cloud computing platform of Wasu Group carries multiple businesses of related subsidiaries of the group, such as the ERP system and IPTV businesses of Zhejiang Wasu Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. Besides, Wasu Cloud will expand its demands for cloud migration of third-party businesses, including the cloud migration services of enterprises and public institutions such as the government, financial institutions, health, and education, forming an advanced "1+11" distributed cloud computing platform based on 11 cities in Zhejiang Province and the entire country. Wasu Group has also realized the distributed deployment and intensive management of "one place and multiple areas" through innovation and deployment of edge cloud computing nodes. The cloud and edge collaboration of edge nodes and the central node can realize on-demand resource allocation and support resource pool sharing, backup disaster recovery and cluster migration, ensuring the stable operation of services.

At present, the new wave of scientific and technological revolution has created unprecedented opportunities for the radio and television industry. As an excellent partner for the construction of smart radio and television, H3C will deepen its cooperation with Wasu Group, fully utilize Wasu Group's advantages in network and content operation, and play a key role in the construction of the digital industry, promoting the win-win cooperation between smart radio and television technology and application industry chain.