Sichuan Cable TV Network


The development of Internet technologies not only accelerates the iteration of media business forms, but also creates more media products and services, bringing new challenges to the channels, carriers and content of traditional media service providers. "Convergence, innovation, transformation and upgrading" have become the keywords for the development of the radio and television industry, which urgently needs to adapt to the reshaped media logic and more individualized user demands.

As one of the largest local radio and television network operators in China, Sichuan Cable TV Network is a pioneer in the transformation and upgrading through digitalization, and has started the construction and planning of the smart radio and television cloud platform in China, transforming itself from a single closed cable TV transmission organization to an open co-opetition comprehensive omni-media operator. Through cooperation with H3C, a subsidiary of Unigroup, Sichuan Cable TV Network has integrated cutting-edge technologies to build the "digital brain" and has figured out a way of digital transformation for traditional media groups.

Smart radio and television cloud platform drives the transformation and upgrading of the radio and television industry

In 2016, Sichuan Cable TV Network launched the construction and planning of its smart radio and television cloud platform, which turned over a new leaf This platform is the "digital brain" of the Sichuan Cable TV Network. It performs integrated O&M consolidation of computing, network, storage and service resources, so that they can operate in the smart carriers of the "digital brain" efficiently, conveniently and accurately.

As a leading provider of digital solutions, H3C has launched the Digital Brain Plan. This plan facilitates the digital transformation of customers in all trades based on a smart digital platform consisting of digital infrastructure, business capability platform, active security and unified O&M. Steered and led by this plan, H3C has helped Sichuan Cable TV Network put the smart radio and television cloud platform into operation smoothly and brought surprising benefits for the customer. "After deployment, it took less than half a year to launch the entire IaaS basic resource pool of the smart radio and television cloud platform. As a core technology supplier, H3C served as a "foundation" for the synergetic development of the smart cloud platform." said Liu Dan, General Manager of the Broadband Data Department of Sichuan Cable TV Network. More importantly, H3C is committed to innovation of smart applications with its ecological partners, through which it empowers Sichuan Cable TV Network to continuously incubate innovative products and applications.

Digital innovations help the media industry complete smart transformation

Currently, the smart radio and television cloud platform has undertaken over 80% of the business applications of Sichuan Cable TV Network, including nearly 80 business application systems and over 700 hosts, while cutting the O&M personnel to 2-5 people from dozens. Previously, the hardware utilization of the business systems of Sichuan Cable TV Network was less than 10%, and now it has reached 60%-70%. Virtualization has decreased physical server from over 700 sets to 200 sets, halving the product investment, equipment room occupancy and O&M costs.

In addition, the deployment of the smart radio and television cloud platform has comprehensively improved the enterprise competitiveness. From demand request to resource delivery, Sichuan Cable TV Network required 15 working days in the past to undertake the project of a new business system. Compared with Internet manufacturers or operators, it spends more time to allocate resources. After the smart radio and television cloud platform went online, the overall delivery time of a new project has reduced by over 57%, greatly improving the enterprise competitiveness.

The benefits are not only embodied by equipment room transformation, technological upgrading and computing efficiency improvement. They will continue multiplying in a long term. Underpinned the digital transformation, the county-level converged media centers under Sichuan Cable TV Network have set up eight platforms for production commanding and scheduling, and converged media content management. The smart radio and television module also includes smart party building, smart government and other smart application services as well as 23 types of digital public services in 5 major categories such as digital library and earthquake warning. Hence, it becomes a platform providing all-around services covering converged media, government and services.

Based on the platform, Sichuan Cable TV Network has engaged in integrating high-quality resources of traditional media to realize a development pattern with complementary advantages and win-win ecology. With the deepening of digital transformation, H3C will give full play to the advantages and core values of the "digital brain of radio and television," and help Sichuan Cable TV Network and other customers merge into the new ecological chain through reforms, thus reconstructing the media value in this digital era.