Healthcare Solution



In the UIS hyper-converged solution, multiple resource pools with different performance trends are deployed under the unified management of the UIS Cloud to meet different requirements. The hospital applications are classified into several types, which are divided into several UIS clusters, such as high-performance service areas, large-capacity service areas, normal service areas, Internet service areas, and disaster recovery areas. They are managed by the UIS Manager, and the security is guaranteed by the UIS Sec, to achieve unified management and O&M. In addition, it also provides a dedicated medical hyper-convergence mode based on characteristics of the medical industry. The medical hyper-convergence mode combines with medical ISV applications to efficiently create and manage medical virtual machines and medical applications.

Application Scenarios

* Hospitals: Ultra-large-scale grade A class 3 hospitals, general grade A class 3 hospitals, grade B class 3 hospitals, small and medium-sized hospitals at district or county level, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, hospitals of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, etc.

* Public health agencies: Disease prevention and control centers, specialized disease prevention and treatment institutions, maternal and child health hospitals, etc.

* Other medical agencies: Medical science research Institutes, medical in-service training institutes, local medical centers, etc.


* Service modules are divided according to performance to ensure resource utilization and cost-effective ratio.

* The dedicated medical hyper-convergence application services are provided for the medical industry through medical hyper-convergence mode to ensure a good user experience.

* The hyper-converged all-in-one with pre-assembled module is out-of-the-box and can be applied to the cloud rapidly.

* Three storage types are managed uniformly and the capacity is expanded as required to meet the requirements for large-capacity unstructured data storage.

* Multiple backup modes for disaster recovery are available to ensure service reliability.