Education Solution



H3C provides the UIS hyper-converged construction solution with educational characteristics such as website group and campus card. The GPU resource construction solution is a scenario solution for scientific research such as artificial intelligence. At the same time, we create Oasis & Cube all-in-one (education) for smart campus applications: Oasis platform of education (standard version) + intelligent applications (such as smart campus management, big data and pilot cockpit).

Application Scenarios

* Higher education, secondary and higher vocational education, and education bureaus at district and county level.


Innovative and fully-lossless architecture to provide a lower cost and better performance of the single virtual machine.

* Unified storage function and better scalability to meet different storage requirements such as electronic files and videos of universities.

* Flexible scalability to guarantee investment and realize the flexible allocation of data center resources of universities.

* Integrate agentless antivirus to make it easy to manage and upgrade and ensure the security of various websites of universities.

* Integrate migration tools to simplify the cloud services.