Enterprise Solution



The solution integrates the data center IT resources of enterprises and operators through server virtualization, simplifies and automates the service management of IT organizations in the dynamic virtual environment and cloud environment through cloud service operation and management, helps customers build a secure, multi-tenant and self-service IaaS, and realizes the agility and economy of cloud computing.

Application Scenarios

* Manufacturing factories of tobacco, automobiles (in process), pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, new energy/materials, construction materials/chemicals.

* Commercial chain store, chain hotel, and cultural resort: Headquarters data center and hotel data center.

* Enterprise park and logistics/warehousing.


* Integrated IT resources, unified management, and easy O&M.

* Integrated data security isolation to protect users' privacy information and data security in virtualized and multi-tenant environments. The service systems and application systems of different organizations are deployed independently with no-interference each other.

* Provide advanced functions such as HA, dynamic resource scheduling and resource quota to actively guarantee the service level of the dynamic cloud environment and ensure the service performance and availability of customers.

* Provide a lightweight cloud platform for cloud management and hierarchical management of resources, build multi-tenant secure cloud data center, deploy the Could OS 5.0 for UIS on virtual machines to meet the PaaS requirements of customers.