Transportation Solution



For intelligent services of the urban rail station and cloud services of the traffic group, H3C provides customized UIS hyper-converged solution for the transportation industry with combination with the new generation of hyper-converged all-in-one. It supports the unified bearer toll station lane toll system and door rack toll system, and can extend other service systems at the same time.

Application Scenarios

* Expressway group, urban rail group and port group.

* Intelligent services of the urban rail station: Heat map of passenger flow, energy kanban, face recognition, etc.


Simple management and easy O&M: The cloud platform of the road segment sub-center can manage the hyper-convergence cluster of toll stations, to realize unified management and O&M, improve the management intensity and O&M efficiency, withdraw O&M personnel at toll stations, and lay a foundation for realizing free flow of the whole expressway network.

* High reliability: The hyper-converged cluster provides highly-reliable and highly-available basic resources for toll systems to ensure that the charging service is not interrupted.

* Low cost: Compared with traditional fault-tolerant servers, it provides lower power cost and better performance

* Good scalability: With good scalability, it can effectively support the multi-service of the toll station and guarantee the security among service systems through logical isolation.