Smart Converged Media Cloud Solution


With the rapid development of 5G, AI, 4K/8K and other technologies and the driving of digital innovation, the transformation and reconstruction of the traditional radio and television industry are accelerating. Nowadays, the changes in the audience's information access habits are pushing the acceleration of media convergence from the outside. The converged development of radio and TV media and emerging media is an inevitable trend. Therefore, the construction of converged media systems also become a major concern in the radio and television industry.

To create a more innovative and practical transformation foundation for smart radio and television, H3C, a subsidiary of Unigroup, has integrated its digital innovation strength at various levels and launched the "Smart Converged Media Cloud Solution," which has effectively promoted the practice of converged media cloud projects in several provinces and cities.

Smart Converged Cloud, Accelerating the Implementation of Smart Radio and Television

In the era where converged media services are developing rapidly, the transition of the media form from HD to 4K/8K UHD is accelerating. For media services, driven by digital technologies, both the convergence of collection, production and broadcasting processes and the intelligent transformation are accelerating. To adapt to the transformation of media services, new requirements arise for the construction and management of the converged media platform, including large-scale diverse on-cloud services, expansion of service support scope to the whole country, effective optimization of the service process, effective intensification of production factors, effective integration of platform management and upgrade of security standards. In the view of H3C, it is the current development direction of converged media cloud to develop into a cloud with all-media and UHD orientation, provincial and even national coverage, intelligent production and broadcasting capabilities, and intelligent security and O&M capabilities.

Based on the full-stack capabilities of the Digital Brain Plan 2020 in terms of digital infrastructure, cloud and intelligent platform, active security, and unified O&M, H3C has launched the smart converged media cloud solution which fully integrates the infrastructures such as intelligent connection, security, computing and storage and provides a flexible, efficient and secure service platform for the radio and television industry based on its mature industrial ecology. Currently, the H3C smart converged cloud can realize the collaboration of three clouds: Unigroup public cloud, provincial-level converged media cloud, and county-level converged media edge cloud. The division of work among the three clouds is clear. The provincial-level converged media cloud mainly supports the production and broadcasting of HD and UHD television media in the station, while the county-level converged media cloud focuses on the diversified media services and the production and broadcasting services of local converged media.

Four fulcrums, accelerating the transformation of radio and television converged media

Based on the full-stack technology, H3C smart converged media cloud solution is excellent, strong, intelligent and firm. As an integrated solution of "the collaboration of three clouds", smart converged cloud realizes the cloud, network and security integration, active-active disaster recovery, and integrated open compatibility, providing the radio and television industry with solutions suitable for different scenarios based on security and reliability. Besides, the smart converged cloud has innovative functions such as all-media converged production, cloud, computing and big data integrated services, inter-cloud DC site service collaboration, high-performance HD and 4K cloud non-linear editing, and 8K distributed production system, which can provide radio and television customers with comprehensive cloud services. In addition, the H3C cloud management platform realizes the unified management of three clouds, provides integrated and intelligent O&M management, introduces advanced technologies and products such as secure virtualization and situational awareness, and meets the requirements of classified protection 2.0, securing the business operation of the radio and television industry.

Nowadays, media convergence in China has taken a great leap from the 1.0 era of form and content convergence to the 3.0 era of mechanism and system convergence. The radio and television industry will extend from one-way communication to multi-way interactive communication and integrate the media with party building, government affairs, public services, value-added services and other services. To achieve this, H3C will continue to improve the architecture and functions of the smart converged media cloud and transform based on the smart radio and TV.