Smart Cloud Non-Linear Editing Solution


With the rapid development of 4K UHD video technologies, TV stations need to fully upgrade their broadcasting contents to meet the new needs of the 4K era. As an indispensable program production tool for TV stations, non-linear editing is evolving to the cloud-based non-linear editing mode and needs to meet the production standard of 4K programs, imposing higher requirements for the traditional IT architecture of TV stations. For this reason, H3C, a subsidiary of Unigroup, launched the 4K intelligent cloud non-linear editing solution. This solution facilitates TV stations to stride forward towards the 4K era with its high performance and perfect management and control capabilities.

Powerful platform carrying the new 4K non-linear editing era

The traditional non-linear editing mode features single performance and complicated O&M management of equipment. It also lacks effective security management and control methods. However, 4K video cloud non-linear editing mode requires a high-quality content production standard and efficient network transmission. The method to accelerate the cloud-based transformation and technical upgrade of the non-linear editing system is important for TV stations to adapt to the popularization of 4K HD content.

The H3C 4K intelligent cloud non-linear editing solution has high storage, computing and intelligent connection capabilities. It delivers non-linear editing virtual machines through the virtualization platform to realize efficient and flexible resource scheduling and management. The data center connects to the fat terminal in the editing area through the VDP desktop protocol and meets the requirements of 4K high-bandwidth transmission and front-end resolution display. Among them, the plastic blade server, which constitutes the main computing body of the data center, can carry 7 layers of 4K non-linear editing projects on a single blade. The distributed all-flash storage system developed by H3C is used to store files and can meet the large-bandwidth and large-capacity requirements of non-linear editing projects. At the virtualization layer, H3C's virtualization solution is stable and reliable and supports GPU virtualization, GPU pass-through and flexible options, meeting the personalized demands of fine and rough editing. In addition, H3C provides a perfect security management and control system. Its terminal access control, USB drive read-only control, traffic isolation and control and other mechanisms based on IP address segment and MAC ensure the reliability and security of the entire system.

Generating hundreds of desktop clouds in three minutes: Simple management and efficient support

During actual use, H3C 4K intelligent cloud non-linear editing solution prefers batch derivation of templates and supports batch upgrade and distribution software of the system. It can rapidly generate thousands of cloud desktops in just three minutes. The server resources can carry both GPU and non-GPU services, facilitating resource use. In terms of management, H3C realizes authority-decentralized and domain-decentralized management, centralized management of access permissions of resources, and advanced management. By doing so, users can back up their desktops by themselves. Besides, it provides a free cloud desktop backup function to ensure the stable operation of the entire system.

As the bridge connecting the content source and the terminal screen, cloud non-linear editing is an important link for "transforming" massive video materials. The efficiency and performance of this link determine the operation of the whole production and broadcasting process and the quality of the final program. H3C will rely on its powerful digital strength to promote the innovation of 4K cloud non-linear editing, laying a solid foundation for transforming and reconstructing the radio and television industry.