H3C Smart Urban Rail Transit Solution


Based on cloud platform, Wi-Fi 6, LTE-M, IoT and other technologies, H3C customizes the full-stack solution of smart urban rail transit according to the actual needs of the business.

Urban rail transit will follow the trend of digitalization, intelligence, high speed and ecology in the future. Led by the concept of innovative development, driven by technological innovation, and based on information network, the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation are fulfilled.

Driven by business innovation and development, relying on intelligent infrastructure, cloud and intelligent platforms, combined with active security and unified O&M, H3C is committed to building a digital brain for urban rail transit. Based on cloud platforms, Wi-Fi 6, LTE-M, security posture awareness and Internet of Things technologies, the H3C products are closely tailored to the actual needs of the business system, and have formed a H3C urban rail transit cloud platform, urban rail transit Wi-Fi 6, LTE-M train-to-ground wireless, urban rail transit safety classified protection, urban rail transit intelligent O&M, and the whole series of solutions to contribute to the intelligent development of the urban rail transit industry.

(1) Full-stack urban rail transit cloud solution

Relying on its in-depth understanding formed in compiling cloud platform specifications for urban rail transits and combining the characteristics of urban rail transit services, H3C has formed a series of solutions such as customized multicast solutions, GPU resource pooling solutions, multi-cloud unified management solutions, and cloud-edge collaboration. It has built a full-stack urban rail transit cloud platform that is tightly coupled with business and provides complete IaaS and PaaS layer capabilities. At the same time, it extends cloud computing capabilities from the cloud to the edge, and supports virtualization, full-running deployment of containers and function computing. Thus, it can meet the needs of agile connection, real-time business, data optimization, application intelligence, security and privacy protection. The global hybrid resources for clouds, networks, and terminals can be fulfilled.


(2) Good wireless solution

H3C is the leader of wireless technology for urban rail transit. Continuous innovation and optimization solutions bring better wireless communication for urban rail transit and provide efficient data transmission channels for the introduction of AI, VR and AR technologies of the smart urban rail transit in the future. H3C takes the lead in releasing rail transit-specific AP devices based on Wi-Fi 5/Wi-Fi 6 protocols, and deeply combines H3C's complete IoT capabilities to support innovative IoT expansion capabilities on rail transit-specific AP products.

Based on the exclusive MLSP switching technology, the "0" packet loss is fulfilled when the train is running at a high speed and the switching latency is guaranteed to be less than 15 ms. At the same time, H3C is one of the few solution providers to complete the application of WLAN technology in an environment at a speed of 160 km/h. It has expanded the application fields of WLAN technology in the urban rail transit industry and provided the most cost-effective and technically mature train-to-ground wireless solution for the information construction of high-speed urban rail lines.

(3) Cloud LTE solution

H3C LTE-M solution fully considers the application needs and technology evolution of the industry. The core network design supports containerizing based on Docker. It does not rely on special hardware, runs on general servers, and can also support deployment on the urban rail transit cloud platform to meet the current trend of cloudification of urban rail transit service systems. The core network supports remote disaster recovery in stacking mode, dual host standby networking, and provides telecommunication level high reliability. Users will not be aware of any core network failure, ensuring that the customer service is not interrupted.

H3C LTE-M system is fully qualified in the certification test of Beijing Jiaotong University - National Engineering Research Center for Rail Transit Operation Control System, an authority in the industry, and has completed the docking test with Traffic Control Technology, UniTTEC, Casco, Thales and other mainstream signal system integrators in the industry. The LTE-M system ecology of H3C is open. It has been widely tested with third-party secondary development and terminal manufacturers to ensure connectivity.


(4) Urban rail transit cloud solutions that are compliant with Standard for Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0

As a participating unit of Standard for Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0, H3C has a deep understanding of the standard. It strictly conforms to the standard, and takes "one center and triple protections" as the core concept to build a safety construction scheme. Meanwhile, as the leader in the specification preparation team, H3C has interpreted the Smart Urban Rail Transit - Specification for Information Technical Architecture and Cybersecurity issued by China Association of Metros, guided by the policy of "unified platform protection, system self-protection, border protection, classified protection standards and security assurance". The basic strategy includes "building in-depth defense architecture, applying key defense technologies and intelligent network security management" and the construction goal is to "build a highly available smart urban rail transit cloud". The solution meets the national standards and fits the industry attributes.

H3C urban rail transit security solution integrates the security requirements of urban rail transit systems, deeply analyzes massive logs and other information through technologies such as situation awareness for platform threat information and machine learning, and correlates network attack events to achieve risk early warning and to build an active security defense system. In addition to providing hardware and system protection, H3C can also provide a complete classified protection consulting scheme, which can realize top-level design and full life-cycle services, covering all levels of classified filing, gap analysis, scheme design, rectification and reinforcement, classified protection evaluation, and system O&M. The solution meets both technical and management requirements, as well as the classified protection, to achieve the customer's value.

(5) Urban rail transit visual center solution

H3C has established a unified visual computing platform to meet the needs of large-scale concurrent analysis and realize the processing of massive view data of smart urban rail transit. The open AI platform, through the inclusive algorithm warehouse, uniformly accesses and manages multi class algorithms and third-party advantage algorithms, and provides the whole process iterative evolution service covering the standard, training, and release of algorithms based on urban rail transit scenarios. The high-performance full process big data platform, with full integration of view data, can realize real-time correlation and cause-effect analysis of single objective and multi-objective. It can also support multi-dimensional urban rail transit safety management.

(6) H3C urban rail transit 360° capacity center

H3C digital urban rail transit ecological laboratory has built a complete urban rail transit cloud and big data platform test environment, to undertake the business system docking and verification of 32 ISVs, covering more than 10 service systems. It undertakes the verification and testing of safety signs of China Association of Metros, and assists in the release of urban rail transit cloud platform specifications. In the process of cooperating with partners, H3C has deepened business transformation, promoted business innovation, and jointly launched PIS cloud-broadcast-control joint solutions with partners.