H3C Smart Expressway Solution


1. Company profile:

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C Group is committed to becoming the most reliable partner for customer business innovation and digital transformation. H3C has the overall capability of all-round digital infrastructure including computing, storage, network, 5G and security, and provides one-stop digital solutions including cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, information security, intelligent connection and edge computing, as well as end-to-end technical services. Meanwhile, H3C is also the provider of HPE® servers, storage and technical services in China.

H3C Group has been deeply involved in the industry for more than 30 years, and has always been customer-oriented. It provides scenario based solutions, supporting the digital transformation practice in all walks of life (operators, government, finance, health care, education, transportation, manufacturing, power, energy and the Internet, etc.). Its products and solutions have been widely used in nearly 100 countries and regions.

H3C Group insists on taking technological innovation for development. At present, R&D personnel account for more than 50%, and the total number of patent applications exceeds 11,000, of which more than 90% are invention patents. We will continue to fully practice "smart +" through excellent technical capabilities and intelligent methods, and further promote the application of intelligence in all industries.

"Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life" is the vision of H3C Group. In the future, H3C will join hands with our customers and partners to create a better digital life.

2. Smart expressway:

With the deepening of the national supply side structural reform, and the continuous optimization of the economic structure, the emerging industries (such as the digital economy) are developing vigorously, and the infrastructure construction (such as high-speed rail, roads, bridges, ports and airports) are rapidly promoted. The concept of "smart expressway" has been put forward since 2016. It is no longer a simple expressway information transformation. At present, it is the digital thinking on the basis of new IT technology. Based on the profound industrial technology accumulation in the expressway over the years, H3C has deeply integrated the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies with expressway services, and proposed smart expressway solutions:

(1) Build the digital brain of expressway and consolidate the cornerstone of smart expressway

The expressway information system can be roughly classified into construction, management, maintenance, transportation, service and other aspects. Each system has the demand for mutual visits to a certain extent. However, the traditional isolated system construction makes it difficult to achieve data collaboration, let alone the resource scheduling of cloud-edge collaboration. With the gradual evolution of vehicle-expressway collaboration, the demand for cloud control and collaborative operation is becoming stronger.

H3C launched "Digital Brain" of expressway to create "Four Ones", which is one multi-service integrated carrying network, one cloud and intelligent platform with full stack capacity, one active protection security system, and one deep-business operation and maintenance platform. Through 5G, LTE and other technologies, we can create a ubiquitous IoT perception layer, accurately obtain the real-time running data of the road network, aggregate the data into the "Digital Brain" through the intelligent transmission system, achieve the visualization of digital twins, and provide data support for innovative applications such as construction, management, maintenance, transportation and road coordination. At the same time, the active security system achieves end-to-end protection, and the unified O&M system achieves real-time O&M warning for device, data and business. Consolidate the cornerstone of smart expressway.

(2) Relying on digital brain of expressway to help digitize the transformation of expressway

Construction, management and maintenance are the core service in the expressway industry. The quality of operation determines whether sustainable development can be achieved. The attributes of expressway public service make external services a required feature of expressway. Therefore, in order to build a smart expressway, construction, management, maintenance, transportation and service must be developed in coordination.

The "Digital Brain" of H3C smart expressway is mainly composed of intelligent high-speed multi-level cloud and high-speed digital twin platform. Each application relies on the cloud platform to provide the support of basic resources, and the digital twin platform enables the static and dynamic data of expressways to land in the digital world. In terms of "Smart +" construction, based on the digital twin platform, real-time monitoring of project construction progress is achieved, and scientific decision support is provided through multidimensional visualization. In terms of "Smart +" management, through the expressway video cloud networking, the video monitoring coverage of the entire network is achieved, and through the unified O&M platform, the automatic O&M of the whole system is fulfilled. In terms of "Smart +" maintenance, accurate and predictable maintenance can be achieved through automatic diagnosis, active prediction, timely warning and emergency-linked maintenance system. In terms of "Smart +" operation, the smart service areas are created, and the consumption portraits are established through energy consumption monitoring system and sales strategy assistance system; accurate marketing and value-added and revenue-generating service areas are built, to increase non-pass revenue.

(3) Enriching the expressway digital brain gradually, smoothing the evolution to new applications such as vehicle-road coordination

Currently, in addition to the unclear operation mode and the imperfect legal protection, the inability to obtain the basic state of road network in real time and in an all-round way is the main reason that hinders the expressway vehicle-road development. Data obtained through radar, video camera, IoT perception, and Beidou need to be analyzed and processed on a unified platform to increase the data value.

H3C provides a complete digital support system for vehicle-road collaboration scenarios. Abundant road survey information collection terminals fulfill the accurate collection of road network information. Through smart transmission systems such as 5G and LTE, data are returned and synchronized in real time. In addition, the cloud edge collaboration capability is enhanced; data real-time processing analysis and results are shared under the edge nodes. When the computing and storage resources on the edge side are insufficient, the collaborative cloud-to-edge and edge-to-edge operations can be achieved, which ensures 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the business, and eliminates the driving safety risks caused by system failures. Through security chips and quantum encryption technology, we can achieve full chain security protection in the cloud and actively resist malicious attacks.