H3C Smart Airport Solution


Summary: H3C smart airport solutions provide complete digital support and solid guarantee for civil aviation passenger safety, business operation and passenger travel experience.

In the field of civil aviation, the construction of Type IV airport is the current trend and policy requirement. The purpose of proposing Type IV airport is to resolve the main contradictions faced by the current airport. Among the four factors, safety, green and cultures are the external results and forms of airport construction. All three of them need to be achieved by means of intelligence. Therefore, smart airport is the innovative power of the construction of Type IV airport. Smart airport requires more than standardization or informationization. Instead, it requires digital thinking on the basis of new ICT technologies. Based on the profound industrial technology accumulation in the civil aviation over the years, H3C has deeply integrated the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies with airport services, and proposed smart airport solutions:

(1) Smart operation

To address the problems of chimney construction, data fragmentation and inefficiency in traditional airport operation, the construction of airport cloud will break the situation of scattered resources and fragmentation, to realize the unified invocation of network, computing and storage resources by the cloud platform, to deploy service applications in the cloud, and to accelerate the speed of business launch. Through the construction of airport big data platform, the data barriers are shattered, and each airport business system is integrated internally, to realize flight node guarantee and wireless smart operation, to integrate airline and ATC data externally, to provide unified and standard data services for the airport collaborative decision-making system A-CDM, to fulfill smart device deployment, automatic boarding port deployment, and to increase the ground service efficiency. Through the construction of airport IoT platform, the high-precision positioning and cross-domain collaborative invocation for people, vehicles and things are achieved, accurate monitoring of terminal building and flight area environmental data is realized, and unified timing for business terminals and business systems is provided. Among them, the airport cloud product, as the basic platform, provides the basic operating environment for the big data platform and the Internet of Things platform, and combines the smart applications hosted on the cloud to form the smart operation center.

(2) Smart service

Self-help and senseless smart boarding experience. With its powerful technology base and eco-applications, H3C provides a self-help and senseless smart boarding experience in all aspects from passengers' arrival at airports, waiting for the flight, until boarding. It also provides a unified service portal. Here are a few typical smart services:

Firstly, this is the whole-process fast face recognition boarding. Based on the face recognition technology, when passengers arrive at the security check channel, the system will take a photo of passengers' faces and compare it with the passengers' identity information. The process takes less than 1s, which takes only 1/10 of the time for manual operation. It improves the efficiency of the security check and reduces the time cost for passengers' boarding.

In addition to the face-recognition boarding solution, during the passenger waiting process, H3C brings passengers a better Internet experience by creating a full-scene Wi-Fi 6 wireless network with a maximum bandwidth of 4.8G, so that they can enjoy a free and high-quality network, whether at the boarding gate or lounge, or in other areas.

To keep the passengers' luggage safe, H3C provides smart luggage tracking solutions by attaching RFID electronic tags to each checked luggage. Passengers can scan or enter their baggage tag ID on their smartphones to track the status and location of their luggage throughout the journey.

(3) Smart security

By establishing a vision hub for smart airports and creating a set of algorithm training platform, all the steps of data set management, data labeling, model training, model verification and algorithm generation in AI application development are open to users, and the generated SDK algorithm package makes the algorithm decoupled from the hardware platform. Based on specific scenarios at airport, H3C has trained unique algorithms to provide comprehensive protection for airports from airside, landside, perimeter and other dimensions.

(4) Convergence ecology to build a smart airport

The construction of smart airport is the cooperation between H3C and our ecological partners. H3C has been upholding the thought of win-win cooperation and widely uniting ecological partners in the three aspects of airport operation, service and security.

H3C provides the technical base, partners provide smart applications, and customers provide business guidance to build a joint lab.

Some technological innovations, program innovations and application innovations will first be tested in the joint lab, to ensure stable operation and achieve the expected results. After that, these innovations will be gradually introduced to the real service scenes. Therefore, the construction of smart airport will proceed orderly.