H3C Enters the Thailand Market to Drive Digital Innovation

H3C Enters the Thailand Market to Drive Digital Innovation

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[With global economic development in a deep adjustment phase, the digital economy is now the center of competition in the whole industry. As the second-largest economy in ASEAN and South East Asia, Thailand is making active efforts to realize its vision for digital development in 2021, greatly promoting digital construction, and significantly improving its technological capabilities, bringing unique opportunities to Thailand’s ICT market.]

[Bangkok, Thailand, November 27, 2019] H3C hosted a Thai Partner Conference themed “Digital Navigation, Smart Future”, marking H3C’s official entry into the Thailand market. Ms. Zhang Zhihong, Representative from Embassy of The People's Republic of China in The Kingdom of Thailand, Gary Huang, SVP of H3C, and local partners and customers from related industries such as power and transportation etc.,attended the event. The Opening Ceremony of H3C’s Thailand Subsidiary was also held during the event.

“H3C will work with more local partners and customers to promote innovation, and push forward the digital transformation in Thailand, contributing to the construction of ‘Digital Thailand’,” Gary Huang said at the event.

Seize transformation opportunities to help implement the Thailand 4.0 Strategy.

Following the trend of expedited digital transformation, the Thailand government launched a 20-year national development strategy and “Thailand 4.0 ” Policy, to improve the country’s system of research and innovation, promote innovation as the key driving force in Thailand’s future economic development, and develop Thailand into an economy driven by innovation, creation, and technologies. In order to achieve this goal, Thailand government also announced plans to build the Eastern Economic Corridor(EEC), and to create regions of high-tech industrial clusters, and increase digital technology across all industries.

Through an in-depth analysis and observation of the demand for digital transformation in Thailand, H3C leverages its experience in the Chinese market to enter the Thailand market, providing local industrial users with a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that includes cloud computing, big data, interconnectivity, information security, new safety, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G solutions

Promote coordinated and integrated development, create a smart and digital future

Based on the “Digital Brain Project”, H3C will continue to follow the strategy of “Inclusive Platform and Borderless Ecology”, adopt the method of “Partners First”, combine the strength of its ecological partners by further implementing the strategy of “Partners First”, fully unlock the potential of intelligent and digital platforms, provide strong support to businesses with high-value solutions and services, help customers build their own Digital Brains in their respective domains.

H3C hosted a Thailand Partner Event themed “Digital Navigation, Smart Future”

H3C hosted a Thailand Partner Event themed “Digital Navigation, Smart Future”

In the future, H3C will based on its successful experiences in existing industries, plan multiple ICT projects targeting smart power, smart education, and smart healthcare in Thailand, grow together with major local partners and customers, and contribute more to Thailand’s digital economy development.