Application-Driven Data Center Solution 2.0


With SDN as the core, the Application Driven Data Center (AD-DC) solution establishes a new mode of data center construction and operation. As a unified solution that supports multiple scenarios, AD-DC solution provides an open, standard, automated programmable fabric network.


Based on resilient expansion of Fabric, ADDC solution provides a Spine-Leaf network infrastructure, which supports horizontal and vertical expansion.


Clear mapping of physical/virtual resources: Underlay/Overlay/VM networks, physical servers, unified physical storage/volume monitoring.

Automated deployment and provisioning, network equipment plug & play.


Supports third-party cloud management platforms and integration

Provides standard neutron plugins for Openstack (K\L\M\O)

Supports Puppet, Ansible, Chef and other mainstream open source automation tools

New O&M Platform

New H3C VCF Director provides a new O&M platform for data centers

Role-based device configuration (reduction of 90% of profiles)

End to end visibility, intelligent perception and prognosis which increases O&M efficiency by 60%

Comprehensive Security

Microsegment for L2 security and IP overlapping

Service chain for L3 security

Supported hardware and software (NFV) security products, and support hybrid deployment