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The H3C Finance Cloud capitalizes on a cloud-based industry-standard open platform and a cloud management platform based on the OpenStack standard. It also supports flexible deployment on traditional IT, private clouds, public clouds (industry clouds) and hybrid clouds, ensuring smooth application migration, reducing the total cost of ownership and accelerating business innovation.

Keywords: open, standard, cloud-network convergence, safe and controllable

● Data center infrastructure: The best practices in the world effectively cut the PUE of customers’ financial data centers down to 1.2 or even lower.

● Financial hybrid cloud platform: H3C CloudOS enables the easier use of resources; H3Cloud OC effectively implements cross-platform and multi-tenant management; H3Cloud CE (container engine) implements micro-services for financial applications; H3Cloud AE (application engine) implements automatic application deployment.

● Integrated financial front-end system: a UIS hyper-converged system accelerates front-end deployment.

● Core financial business system: an open mission-critical system ensures the high efficiency and reliability of core financial business.

● Internet finance: a fully open architecture and best practices ensure low costs and the rapid innovation of new finance.

● Quantitative trading / low latency / high-frequency trading system: a low latency solution accelerates the trading of securities and futures.

● High-performance financial desktop cloud: a financial desktop cloud based on software-defined servers eliminates stuttering and releases space on traders’ desktops.

● Hyper-converged fund solution: a core fund business system based on a hyper-converged infrastructure enables the rapid innovation of fund business.

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