H3C WA6628E-T New Generation Access Point

H3C WA6628E-T AP is new generation smart railway 802.11ax Access Point (AP) with dual-band, 12 streams and large RF radiated power. It provides up to 5.95Gbps throughput which are suitable for high-density railway scenarios and make wireless multimedia application reality.

Based on 802.11ax technology, H3C WA6628E-T is integrated with smart RF optimizing technology. It can address railway WLAN coverage problems and enhance accuracy and stability. Professional and beautiful design and wide-temperature-range resistance make it convenient for railway installation and debugging. WA6628E-T adopts industrial-level design, meets the requirements of rail transit and other industry standards in terms of high and low temperature, vibration and electromagnetic compatibility, and provides flexible wireless coverage solutions for industrial application scenarios such as rail transit.

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