H3C WA500 Series 802.11ac Wave2 AP

H3C 802.11ac Wave2 series Access Point (AP) is based on the new generation of self-developed Gigabit 802.11ac MIMO and 802.11ac Wave2 MU-MIMO technology. Compared with existing 802.11ac technology, Wave2 can support simultaneous data transmission to multiple users with increased overall throughput.

H3C provides industry broadest portfolio of Wave 2 series AP, which include WA560, WA538, WA536, WA530 and WA510H, in which WA538 and WA536 are the leading Wave2 AP with triple-band (two 5GHz plus 2.4GHz), WA510H is one of the first wall plate Wave2 APs. Combined with their compact appearance, H3C 802.11ac Wave2 series AP provides flexible installation such as for wall, ceiling, or other environments.

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