China Media Group Creates a New Development Engine for Converged Media Transformation

China Media Group Creates a New Development Engine for Converged Media Transformation

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Data Brief

Exclusively constructinga “Yangshipin” Switched Network

Large-scale Deployment of Nearly 800 Self-Developed Servers

The First Batch of Storage Products for CCTV 4K Program Production System

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From dial-up to Wi-Fi, from text-driven 2G to the 5G era with AR/VR and other innovative applications still emerging, the evolution ofnetworks has created new means of content acquisition and reception, and it has also delivered an unprecedented jolt to the traditional media industry. When dealing with the exodus of viewers from cable TV screens, how businesses can recapture their attention using converged media and innovative business models is the question that must be deeply considered by all broadcasters.

The ubiquity of information has led to profound changes in the ecology of public opinion, media pattern and communication methods, as a result, traditional media organizations are facing new challenges. In the face of the ecological change brought by media convergence, as the largest radio and television broadcasting organization in China, China Media Group actively conforms to the current technological development trend and the ecological change of public opinion. and has laid out its strategic layout in the “5G + 4K / 8K + AI” strategic field. By cooperating with partners such as H3C, it has improved its digital capabilities for all-media content production, distribution and broadcasting, promoted media integration to develop in depth, and led the industrial upgrading of the media industry. Thus, it has promoted the in-depth development of media convergence and led the industrial upgrade of the media industry.

Efficient Network Helps “Yangshipin” Lead the 5G Era

In the competition for audience attention in the public opinion field, the change is obvious. Young people accustomed to computers and mobile phone screens are slowly fleeing television for mobile channels that offer information anywhere and anytime. With the profound changes in the public opinion ecology, media pattern, and communication methods, the media industry must respond to new needs and challenges.

In order to adapt to various media forms such as “newspapers, periodicals, websites, devices, micro-blogging and screens” and promote the accelerated development of its own media convergence, China Media Group has launched a comprehensive client-side “Yangshipin” app, which is a bold attempt to build a flagship 5G new media platform and the first national 5G media platform. The content of “Yangshipin” focus on the three major categories of general literature and art, general information and general knowledge. In terms of form, it mainly focuses on short videos and takes into account long videos, including 4K UHD video programs. Video applications and product innovations in the 5G network environment have greatly facilitated the production and transmission of 4K content, giving users a 4K UHD listening experience. The technological advantages of 5G network have created a broader space for change for China Media Group.

With abundant program content, ultra-high-definition video quality and a huge viewer base make the “Yangshipin” app face the impact and challenge of massive data upon launch. In order to help China Media Group build a sufficiently robust and efficient data center, H3C has provided more than 800 servers and multiple core switches, gigabit switches and other network equipment in two data centers at Guanghua Road and Jiuxianqiao, as H3C was exclusively contracted to create the IP production network of the “Yangshipin” system, which provideds a flexible video processing resource pools for innovation and business operations, and helps China Media Group to combine its existing video advantages with users’ favorite forms of social media, so as to seize the mobile device opportunities of the 5G era.

Intelligent Manufacturing in China Leads the Media Industry to the 4K/8K Era

On the other hand, traditional TV media did not abandon independent development during the era of media convergence; instead, it gradually entered the 4K era through collaborative innovation with the industry chain, offering viewers an ultra-high-definition visual experience that other carriers could not provide. In order to implement the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television’s guidance on promoting the development of 4K UHD television, in recent years, China Media Group and provincial TV stations have started to build 4K production and broadcast systems. In China Media Group, their “ultra-high-definition production island” is an important piece of infrastructure for implementing 4K planning, adapting to the launch of 4K channels and improving the production capacity of 4K TV programs. It can realize the function of 4K file uploading, editing, color correction, and other functions, and through its business production management system it can link processes and complete 4K program submission, review, broadcasting and delivery.

During the deployment of China Media Group’s “ultra-high-definition production island,” H3C provided X10536 distributed NAS storage, realized the storage and exchange of 4K files and greatly improved the production efficiency of ultra-high-definition programs. During the peak business period, this storage system can store shared files and interconnected external system materials. Its peak single-node bandwidth exceeds 1GB. At the same time, it can realize simple management and greatly simplifies operations and maintenance, which has laid a solid foundation for the forthcoming 4K production and broadcasting project to be fully carried out by China Media Group, and it has also set itself as a model for the construction of 4K business systems in China.

Among its many business innovations, including the “Yangshipin” 5G new media platform, the building of a 4K ultra-high-definition production and broadcast system, and 8K video collection of the National Day military parade, H3C has provided stable technical support for China Media Group. In this era of accelerated media convergence, as the best partner for the creation of smart radio and television, H3Cwill continue to promote innovation through convergence, drive development with convergence and help media institutions accelerate their development into the all-media era.