H3C Enters Russian Market to Drive the Growth Potential of Digital Economy

H3C Enters Russian Market to Drive the Growth Potential of Digital Economy

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[Moscow, Russia, September 11, 2019] -- H3C has hosted a Grand Opening Event with the theme of "Digital Navigation, Smart Future" to announce the company's entry into the Russian market.During the event,Tony Yu, CEO of H3C and Gary Huang, SVP of H3C shared with partners H3C's international business strategy and go to market plan in Russian market, and envisioned a developing digital economy that will help to drive Russia's economic development.

At present, digital economy is rapidly emerging as the key factor of global economy and the core development strategy of Russia. As one of the most important economies of the world, Russia is in great demand for digitalization, and the government is also increasing spending on hi-tech projects to inspire growth in AI, IoT and big data among other areas.

H3C will develop the Russian market with its technical strengths and more than 30-years rich industry experience with a full portfolio of digital infrastructure products, spanning across compute, storage, networking, security and related domains. In addition, H3C will provide a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that includes cloud computing, big data, interconnectivity, information security, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G solutions, as well as the end-to-end technical services.

H3C will also continue to carry out its "Inclusive Platform, Borderless Ecosystem" strategy to expand the channel ecosystem rapidly, empower high-value partners and gives strong support to key projects. In doing so, H3C aims to team up with the resources and advantages of partners to maximize the potential of the intelligent digital platform, supporting customers' business applications. "So far, H3C has partnered with over a dozen of companies in Russian market to jointly promote channel construction," said Gary Huang, SVP of H3C. "H3C will move into key local industries and develop the Digital Brain Project to empower the digital transformation in Russia."

The Russian government also aims to enhance the digital connectivity in utilities, energy, transportation and further implement the nationwide Smart City Program.

Targeting the core of Russian digital economy, H3C will support many kinds of verticals including telecom, finance, public sector and energy, while developing retail and transportation, through planning and operating of digital projects, to help Russia pushes forward to the construction and implementation of its Smart City Program.

"Technology innovation and industry integration are quickly transforming global economic development and society operation models," said Tony Yu, CEO of H3C, "H3C is willing to make long-term investments, establishing sustainable win-win partnership in the Russian market to realize digital transformation in all sectors, and speeding up to release the growth potential of digital economy in Russia."