IDC 2019Q1 Data Released: H3C Topped the x86 Server Sales Year-on-Year Growth and Blade Market Share in China

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Currently, IDC launched a tracking report on the x86 server market in China in the first quarter of 2019. H3C achieved another excellent performance in server sales, ranked 3rd in the market by quarterly sales revenue, second in the four-way server market by quarterly sales revenue, and first by year-on-year growth rate of quarterly sales revenue and by the market share of blade servers.

According to IDC, the yeear-on-year growth rate of global x86 server market declined 5.3% in the first quarter of 2019, after six consecutive quarters of growth. China's x86 server market saw shipments fall 0.7 percent year-on-year, which is first negative growth in nearly a decade. However, H3C's sales of x86 server increased by 3.4% year-on-year, accounting for 14.7% of the market, ranking the top three in the server market. The data suggest that H3C is steadily growing in the server market.

In April, H3C launched the Digital Brain Project in response to the trend of digital transformation, and continued to encourage innovation. AI technology is integrated into the design and development of server products to make overall optimization and reduce the cost of users in the whole life cycle of the servers.

At the same time, H3C innovatively introduces the concept of scenario-based design, and upgrades the traditional design centered on hardware platform to a design approach closer to the user's usage scenarios, to optimize the server products and enhance the value of the products for different digital application scenarios, such as hybrid IT, big data, artificial intelligence, and edge computing. Based on the above measures, H3C UniServer R6900 G3, B16000, R8900 G3, R5300 G3 and other key server products that had been put into the market have been unanimously recognized by users.

As China's digital economy continues to deepen, the powerful driving force to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and support the development of the server market still exists. H3C will further develop and increase investment in research and development of server products to help enterprises cope with the changes in the market environment more effectively and facilitate their digital transformation.