Seven New Products Launched by H3C

Seven New Products Launched by H3C

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On April 20, the second day of NAVIGATE 2019 themed "Digital Empowerment, Smart Future", H3C has launched its "Smart Digital Platform" centered on the Digital Brain Project, aiming to become the cornerstone of the intelligent digital industry. Focusing on the six capabilities of the Smart Digital Platform, H3C has launched seven products, which laid a solid foundation for the ‘Digital Brain Project’.

AD-NET 5.0

A New-Generation Smart Network Solution

AD-NET is officially entering the 5.0 era. Based on the new features such as unified architecture, all-scenario AI and deep data insight, AD-NET provides AI-oriented newgeneration smart network solution and accelerates the processes of digitalization of the enterprise through building a smarter network.

Flagship Product S12500-X

Smart Module SeerBlade

As the flagship product to open a new era of intelligent networks, SeerBlade has enabled the core switch of the cloud data center to have high-performance AI computing for the first time, becoming the industry's first high-performance AI switch with CPU and GPU.Thus, H3C opened the era of AI of cloud data center network.

5G Edge Solution

5G edge solution, which adopted the cloud native container architecture, uses only 20% of its edge cloud resources to function as 5G base station, and the rest 80% to perform edge computing and NFV application deployment. The solution fully supports M-CORD network reconfiguration, and is compatible with multi-manufacturer 5G, WLAN and IoT access and unified device management.

H3C SCM Storage and Unique Local Smart Management System

Relying on CF22000 storage products, H3C SCM+NVMe storage solution orients to usage scenarios with high requirements of latency, namely stock exchange platforms, telecommunication settlement platforms, financial and insurance platforms of banks. It can significantly reduce storage latency of high frequency exchange and monthly settlement time of database, and greatly enhance the database's statement processing performance.

The Industry-Leading ABC Converged Platform

Cloud OS 5.0

Aggregating multiple technologies such as AI, big data and IoT, Cloud OS 5.0 is an industry-leading ABC (AI, BigData and Cloud) converged platform oriented to multiple industry cloud scenarios. It accelerates the digital transformation of the enterprise with its full-stack technical capability, a full life cycle service capability, and security and credibility.

AI Firewall

Based on GPU+CPU+AI chip architecture, the new generation “AI Firewall” flagship M9000-AI series has superior computing power and supports nearly a hundred kinds of security intelligence models, bringing users the ultimate security experience of smart perception, smart analysis and smart operation and maintenance.

The NewGeneration U-Center 2.0

Unified O&M Platform

Unified O&M is a major part of the H3C 4+N architecture. Its core product, U-Center 2.0, provides an all-field operation and management solution from the application perspective and uses AI to enhance the experience of quick delivery, opening the era of intelligent operation and management.

Launched at NAVIGATE 2019, just like a rainbow after the heavy rain, the above seven new products brought the light of digitalization to Chongqing. We believe that for the users, the H3C smart digital platform will function as a bridge to the "Intelligent Plus" era.