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Want to Create ASI? Learn About the Powerful H3C UniServer R5200 G3 Platform First


In the 2019 sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth",the navigating earth is attracted by Jupiter's gravitation and faced with a collision. After analysis, MOSS, the artificial super intelligence (ASI) commanding the space station, hopes to carry the genes of Earth's species to the distant space for continuation, while the Chinese astronaut chooses to risk himself for the life on Earth. MOSS lives up to human fantasies about AI — powerful analytical and reasoning skills, ability to help human make decisions, loyalty to human's plans and will. Of course, all of such capabilities are empowered by the large-scale server cluster in the space station.

With the AI applications becoming increasingly widespread, New H3C Group (New H3C) is committed to helping users gain data insights with a more powerful computing platform. To this end, New H3C has launched the H3C UniServer R5200 G3 Server, a highly scalable GPU server for modern data centers!

As a standard 4U rack server, it integrates Intel's latest Xeon Skylake processor and GPUs, supports up to 10 dual-width GPUs or 20 single-width GPUs, and is designed with an optimized CPU/GPU communication link, providing a strong computing capacity. With a highly scalable architecture, it allows you to add the memory or storage and high-speed networking functions that you need, providing greater flexibility for application deployment.

In addition, the R5200 G3 Server features a redundant hot-swap power fan designed with a technologically advanced overall heat dissipation system, ensuring 24/7 stable operation of the Server. Of course, the front-end swappable bracket, integrated management monitoring chip and New H3C's centralized management software are more capable of greatly facilitating users' management.

Although there is still a long time before the sun ages, the use of AI is not far away from us. We have reasons to believe that AI will create a better, smarter and happier new home in the future.