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New H3C Selected as Core Member of Hyperledger China to Promote Blockchain Open Source Ecology


Recently, 2018 Hyperledger Member Summit was held in Montreal, Canada. Based on the exploration of blockchain technology, the summit brought together Hyperledger members across the world to discuss the development, implementation, innovative research, and other hot issues of such technology. New H3C Group under Tsinghua Unigroup was invited to the summit and joined the "Hyperledger Technical Working Group China (TWGC)" as a core member of Hyperledger China.

During the summit, Du Peng, manager of blockchain product development of New H3C Research, presided over the project presentation and discussion meeting of Hyperledger Cello, reported to global representatives the current progress and post-planning of the Cello project, and shared New H3C's planning for the enterprise-level alliance chain as well as the latest progress and experience in its cooperation with Hyperledger.


Du Peng, manager of blockchain product development of New H3C, presided over presentation of Cello project

New H3C received wide attention and praise from the Hyperledger Cello developer community for its presentation, promotion, and feedback on the Cello project at the summit, and the group was therefore invited to join the "Hyperledger-TWGC" as a core member of Hyperledger China to participate in and organize the technological development, activity promotion, and innovative practice of Hyperledger China.

The summit enhanced the mutual understanding between New H3C and Hyperledger's Open Source Community. In the future, New H3C will continue to cooperate with such Community to explore and facilitate the promotion and landing of the enterprise-level alliance chain in various industries, and help the digital transformation of these industries.