Bravo, H3C, for Eight Red Dot Awards

Bravo, H3C, for Eight Red Dot Awards

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As we know, each year the Oscar Award is a much-awaited global event. Yet do you know that the results of German Red Dot Design Award, the so-called “Oscar Award” in design field, are also the focus of attention for the circle? It is a hard nut to crack for enterprise product to win the Red Dot Design Award, which dictates that shortlisted ones must be highly innovative compared with their peers, and must represent the highest design standard of the field.

There is a piece of exciting news for us. Recently the results of Red Dot Design Award 2018 were released, with 8 products of New H3C Group of Tsinghua Unigroup distinguishing themselves from 6,351 products of 2,626 companies of 59 countries and winning the honor “2018 Red Dot Design Award”. These products cover server, network, wireless, security, and other aspects. Since winning Red Dot Design Award with product H3C UniServerR4700 G3 in 2017, it is the second time for H3C to participate in the appraisal of the Award since the inception of H3C. This year, 8 products won the award.

More encouragingly, these products are all results of independent research and development of H3C, and bear intense innovative features and superb industrial design sophistication. They are also crystallization of independent creation concept and brand style, and epitome of the global vision and indigenous innovation capability of H3C.

Then we will tell you stories behind the eight products that have won the Red Dot Design Award.

Main Network Field

H3C S12501X-AF Data Center Switch

The Best Choice for Intelligent Environment Protection

H3C S12501X-AF Data Center Switch is a unique compact core switch of the field, with concise industrial design language being reflected in performance and user experience. The modular design of functional component can accommodate business single plate, power source, and fan among its family products, and can meet the diverse configuration requirements of various users. The rigorous front and rear air duct design and adjustable power dissipation make it the best choice for intelligent environment protection.

H3C S9820-64H Data Center Switch

Being High-end and Efficient

It is a high density intelligent 100G switch designed for cloud data center and high-end customers. The tough, concise exterior design of H3C S9820-64H Data Center Switch follows the trend of high-end data center products. On the slope of front panel, the vent hole design effectively enhances the use ratio of heat dissipation space of high density equipment. In the structure design of operational unit, standard modularity is used to enhance production efficiency and lower composite cost. The blue operation instruction color design makes customers feel safe and efficient.

H3C S6520X-EI Ethernet Switch

A Leader of 10 Gigabit World

Designed as a 10 gigabit ethernet switch product, H3C S6520X-EI Ethernet Switch can provides powerful switching capacity and high density 10GE/40GE wire-speed forwarding port. Its built-in double extension slot provides extension capability of 10 gigabit port. Its modular dual power and dual fan both allow hot plug while not affecting the normal operation of equipment. Its fan module can adjust the speed of fan according to the changes of temperature, so as to enhance the reliability of hardware. Its brand new plastic fan handle can improve user experience.

Wireless Network Field

H3C WA6528

A “Pacesetter” of Technology Trend

WA6528 is the first 802.11ax wireless AP, supporting a physical rate as high as 4.8Gbps. DL/UL OFDMA, spatial multiplexing, and other new technologies are used to strengthen the control of network, making WLAN network more efficient and orderly. The unique energy-saving technology of H3C and TWT energy-saving mechanism can enhance the performance of equipment, and consume less power, thus meeting the need of environmental protection. Meanwhile, WA6528 has IoT port, which can support full IoT business. Thanks to its thin, round exterior design, it can blend with environment perfectly no matter for wall hanging or ceiling installation. The diamond cut embodies the delicate, orderly design concept of the product. The reasonable terminal lead wire design saves wiring space for the product.

H3C WA6628

An “ Imperial Jade” of Modern Wireless Network Field

WA6628 integrates the shape of traditional Chinese jade and concise, modern design language. Its thin, round main body and overall frame feature rich changes. It also has powerful interior capabilities. WA6628 supports a physical rate as high as 4.8Gbps. DL OFDMA, spatial multiplexing, and other new technologies are used to strengthen the control of network, making WLAN network more efficient and orderly. The unique energy-saving technology of H3C and TWT energy-saving mechanism can enhance the performance of equipment, and consume less power, thus meeting the need of environmental protection.

Network Security Field

H3C SecPath F1000-AK185 Firewall

A Guard of Network Security

SecPath F1000-AK185 Firewall fully meets the technological trend of Web2.0 era featuring the deep integration of security and network. The product features 19” rack-mount design, separating brand identity area from product function area in a smart way. The use of identification color of port operation enhances human-machine interface design of equipment products. Diverse CMF design enriches the exterior details of the product. The whole appearance features uniquely tough, stable character. And the use of design method gives users more intense visual impact and brand recognition.

Server Field

H3C UniServer R6900 G3

Key Business Server with “Three Highlights”

H3C UniServer R6900 G3 server has integrated HDM equipment management system of independent development. The combined operation of software and hardware ensures real-time smart energy control. Its operational unit features standard modular structure design. Colorful operation instruction system and modular design requiring no tool dismantling make users feel safe and efficient. Its multiple function modules support hot plug and multiple computing nodes. It can be configured with multiple kinds of memory capacity and multiple GPUs. It can support as many as 20 standard extension slots. By fully using limited space, H3C has produced a key business server with four slots of high reliability, high usability, and high extendibility.

Another Server

H3C is among a handful of home manufacturers that boast computing, storage, network, and other whole new IT infrastructure supply capabilities, as well as cloud computing, big data, network security, IoT, and other digital solutions. H3C provides all-dimensional digital solutions of application scenarios, and offers consultancy, technologies, application, training, and other all-round support for users to realize business innovation. As such, H3C has emerged as the best omni-directional partner for users to achieve digital transformation. The Red Dot Design Awards also testify to the capability of H3C as a company striving to become the leading provider of digital solutions.