The Power of Data Engine: Data Products of H3C Took a Debut

The Power of Data Engine: Data Products of H3C Took a Debut

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On September 12, New H3C Group (H3C) under Unisplendour Corporation Limited held a conference to issue big data products. On the meeting called “The Power of Data Engine”, H3C officially issued eight engine products including DataEngine. The event has also witnessed the debut of the comprehensive products since the establishment of Zhengzhou Bigdata Company of H3C, indicating that H3C is accelerating to charge into the big data field.


Tony Yu, President and CEO of H3C, gives a speech

Big data is an essential part of the new IT strategic system of H3C. Tony Yu, President and CEO of H3C pointed out that the core of the digital economy is data, and big data is the key means to drive data to create value. As an important part of the new IT strategy of “Driven by Applications, Leading the Future through Cloud Products”, H3C will build a big data industry and ecology application center and innovation base, depending on its big data company in Zhengzhou. By popularizing big data technology and application, it aims to help users realize a new transformation to new IT and facilitate digitalization reform in all the industries concerned.


Sun Dehe, Vice President of H3C and President of Big Data Product Line, delivers a keynote speech

Sun Dehe, Vice President of H3C and President of Big Data Product Line, expressed that the two kinds of abilities should support the digitalization in urban regions: First, tracking cutting-edge technology and developing products; second, keen sense on market trend and the ability to transfer know-how into productivity. Based on the two abilities, we also need to build the big data center in cities, lay emphasis on data engine, attract talents, and enhance cities’ core competitiveness through entrepreneurship and innovation. Sun Dehe also said that in the few years to come, the big data company of H3C would enlarge investment in research and development, expand the R&D team to more than 1,000 people and reach the annual value of production of over RMB 3 billion.

DataEngine, the brand-new big data product, issued in this event embodied H3C’s innovation achievement in the big data field. The group is also striving to build a complete big data platform, realize the visualization of the whole process of data service, divided groups and domains to control data resources through the eight core modules.

The big data platform of DataEngine of H3C has opened the channels between data source and applications in industries. It can also help users to collect, process, and manage different types of data in the data source. With the platform, the data collection efficiency has increased by 40% compared with the traditional way, and the application development efficiency has increased by 30%. In addition, the platform can also support the customized use and data mining based on special requirements of big data application in different industries.

Supported by the DataEngine platform, H3C has developed close cooperation on industrial ecology with its partners, and has introduced optimized big data solutions in governments, public security, schools, and medical care. On this event, guests from the Cyberspace Administration Office of Xianyang, Zhengzhou University, People’s Hospital of Henan shared their insights and experience about the construction of smart city, digitalization campus, and big-data-assisted accurate diagnosis and treatment, providing valuable reference to the users who are about to start the practice of big data.

With the accelerating development of digital transformation, H3C will continue to speed up the implementation of big data strategy, and build a more strong big data ecosystem for users and partners by focusing on platforms and data service, thus adding the power of data engine to the robust growth of the digital economy.