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iMC WSM Troubleshooting-5PW103

WSM Troubleshooting

WLANs are widely used for such advantages as ease of building, ease of use, free of complex cabling, and ease of migration. Though its terminals are mobile, a WLAN is not a complete wireless system because its servers and backbone are fixed, creating possible follow-up network security problems when managing APs/ACs. Therefore, the WSM provides WLAN management, managing the HP MSM series and H3C ACs, fat APs, and fit APs as well as functions such as end user discovery, configuration, and monitor.

The WSM Troubleshooting documents are intended to help customers solve various WSM problems in typical network scenarios. These documents provide chief contents as follows: Overview, Error Message or Condition, Cause, Solution and so on.

The following are available Troubleshooting documents:

·     iMC WSM Troubleshooting Guide