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Transportation Solutions

New H3C's ICT solution, led by innovative information technology and leading IT products, consists of cloud computing solution and other innovative solutions such as Big data, Security and Networking. It can meet the demands from traditional public transportation industries such as metro, railway, airport, road and harbor, help the industry go digital and let transportation play greater value and serve people with intelligent transportation.

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Leading "Smart Airport" innovation, New H3C helps aviation digital transformation

New H3C has deeply integrated technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile internet, cloud computing, and big data with the airport business, and proposed a smart airport overall solution.

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"Advocating China's Service and Creating an International Hub" New H3C Helps No.1 airport Digital Construction

New H3C helps No.1 airport Terminal T3 achieve the comprehensive digitalization of the production and management and become a world's leading “International Airport” with high-performance, high-reliability information platform.

"Smart Station" in BYOD Era, New H3C Mobile IT Solution Serves the most famous South Railway Station

Based on the assurance of information security, BYOD introduced the portability and ease of use of intelligent terminals and wireless networks into the railway production work, greatly improving the production efficiency and experience of staff.