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With the rapid development of China's economy and tourism industries, China's hotel industry has expanded year by year, competition has intensified, and hot competition points have gradually shifted to internationalization and intelligence. New demands of business travelers in the informatization age have prompted hotels to make service informatization and intelligence a key goal. At the same time, hotel's own information management level and the ability to provide network communication services have also become an important factor in star hotel evaluation.

The demands for information services from guests, especially business travelers, have also evolved from simple online access to integrated web-based services. On the other hand, it is important for a hotel to build an internal bandwidth network to provide desired service. These services can provide convenience and enjoyment to the guests while bringing considerable benefits.

New H3C Hotel Integrated Business Solution integrates IP voice/video, wireless communications, storage technology with basic network technologies to effectively improve hotel information management, reduce operating costs, and provide customers with diversified services, thereby improving hotel occupancy and profitability. This solution helps hotel broaden sources of income and economize on expenditures, and improve profitability as well as customer satisfaction.

For budget hotel chains, as the most popular hotels in the world, hotel rooms are the sole or core products. The budget hotel chains have become the modern hotel pattern with low price, high service standards, comfortable environment, superior hardware, and high cost-effectiveness. The hotel chains are widely and dispersedly distributed. Informatization construction adopts the template mode, that is, a set of solutions are applicable to all stores, which requires high capability.

New H3C has launched a customized solution for the ease of use of budget hotel chains, which was highly recognized by various budget hotel chains.

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New H3C Assisting in Development of Budget Hotels

New H3C has launched a customized ease-of-use solution, which was highly recognized by various budget hotel chains.

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New H3C Provides Unified Wired and Wireless Solution for Holiday Inn Golden Mile

New H3C helped the Holiday Inn Golden Mile to deploy a complete, end-to-end wired and wireless solution.

Macau Tower surpasses visitors’ network demands with New H3C solutions

New H3C is helping the Macau Tower to save costs on its network infrastructure investments by implementing an easy-to-manage platform that conveniently performs centralized management of network devices.