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The rapid development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, is subverting and reconstructing traditional industries. The cross-border interconnection and integration of the Internet and traditional industries have given all industries a great opportunity for innovation and change. The role of IT is also shifting from business support to business engines.

In the field of education, the trend of change is also evident. The 10-year plan for education informatization issued by the Ministry of Education clearly states that it is necessary to promote the innovation, reform and development of education through the full and in-depth integration of information technology and education. This is also the direction of education reform, that is, promoting the fairness of education, improving the teaching quality, and realizing the modernization of education and management using IT means. In order to realize these goals, deep integration of IT infrastructure and education application must be achieved. The key factors are the innovation of education information applications and better services for education development. The improvement of the traditional IT is only made on the efficiency of business logic rather than the business logic itself. New IT is experiencing a role transformation from business support to business engine and is becoming a disruptive force. Traditional education information systems such as educational system, course selection system, and campus network are auxiliary means of education, but do not change the education itself. At present, new IT means such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data will help us to open a new era of education reform, reshape education and teaching models, and bring about disruptive changes in education.

Education cloud in the new IT era

Cloud computing is of great significance in both basic education and higher education fields. The unfairness of basic education resources is the biggest challenge to the basic education. By constructing a unified, open, high-quality education cloud platform, high-quality resources can be gathered to the cloud. Excellent resources can be promoted and circulated among schools and regions, and thereby promoting the fairness of education. In the new IT era, the construction of cloud platforms in campuses concerns more with integration. Compared with the previous separated systems of various departments, the overall IT resource cloud platform of a campus needs to be strongly integrated, so that users can access teaching, research, and management IT resources as needed.

Education Informationization in the Mobile Internet Era

The construction of educational WLANs in the era of mobile internet has three focuses: deployment of WLAN environments, wireless big data, and wireless applications. Wireless big data and wireless applications are major means used by future campuses to improve teaching management effectiveness and optimize student behaviors. New H3C wireless big data application platform can integrate the campus STAs and education and teaching applications. By interconnecting wired education and teaching applications with the WLANs as well as analyzing behaviors of wireless STAs, student behaviors can be optimized. Another major change in the era of mobile Internet is the convergence of the WLAN and the Internet of Things (IoT). The construction, coverage, and O&M of two systems are implemented in a unified manner. With the implementation of the Internet of Things in the education field, traditional management modes and means in teaching quality management, student health management, student safety management, and school logistic management are changed, which will further increase the value of education informatization.

Construction of new IT education ecosystem

New H3C is a leader in new IT solutions and brings new value to users. In addition to the network, New H3C will collaborate with partners to provide converged solutions for users in terms of network, security, wireless, computing, storage, and upper-layer applications. In addition, in the new IT change trend, user application delivery needs are also changed. Users no longer pay attention to the features and functions of the products, but focus on the impacts of IT on their own businesses. In response to this, New H3C will focus on building a new IT ecosystem in the future. Through collaboration with application partners, New H3C will integrate operational and investment resources to build a more valuable, intelligence-based educational information system for educational users.

The continuous innovation of new IT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet in the field of education informatization will have a profound impact on such fields as the fairness of basic education, the socialization of higher education, and the individualistic education for students. Education makes a country strong. In the trend of "technology leading education transformation", New H3C will continue to use new IT technologies to promote the transformation of China's education informatization, and work together with enterprises, schools, and governments that are committed to the upgrading of the education industry, to jointly realize smart education.

New H3C will use new IT methods to assist in and witness all changes in education.

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