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00-The Base Platform Overview

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The Base Platform Overview

IMC consists of a base platform and service components that offer additional functionalities.

The Base Platform provides administrators and operators with the basic and advanced functionality needed to manage IMC and the devices managed by IMC.

The Base Platform consists the following parts:

·     Common Management Platform(Plat)

·     Performance Management(Perfomance)

·     Basic Network Management(NME)

·     Security Control Center(SCC)

·     Syslog Manager(Syslog)

·     Network Element-Level Management(Webdm)

·     Report Manager(Report)

·     ACL Management(ACL)

·     VLAN Management(VALN)

·     Intelligent Configuration Center(iCC)

·     Network Asset Manager(NetAsset)

·     Virtual Resource Management(VRM)

·     Guest Access Manager(GAM)

·     Server & Storage Automation (SSA)

·     Configuration Management Database Management (CMDB)

·      Intelligent Policy Center (IPC)

·     Virtual eXtensible LAN Management (VXLANM)