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H3C Intelligent Management Center

iMC iPM(intelligent portal manager)
iMC BIMS(Branch Intelligent Management System)
iMC PLAT(Intelligent Management Platform)
iMC iAR(Intelligent Analysis Report Component)
iMC QoS(QoS Manager Component)
iMC UBA NTA(User Behavior Auditor Component&Network Traffic Analyzer Component)
iMC WSM(Wireless Service Manager Component)
iMC EIA(End-user Intelligent Access Component)
iMC SHM(Service Health Manager Component)
iMC VCM(Virtual Connection Manager Component)
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iMC APM(Applications Manager Component)
Software download permission description:

1. Only authorized users can view the locked document.

2. If you are a customer of H3C products, please contact the agent to get the corresponding version.

3. If you are a customer of H3C service contract, please use the service account in the service initiation notice for downloading.