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New H3C Switches

More than 20 years focusing in networking innovation, research and development, New H3C has accumulated a large number of industry-leading intellectual property and patents in Ethernet. New H3C offers more than 10 series, hundreds of switches from the data center core to campus access and remote branches. All products run New H3C Comware OS with unified command interface which simplified configuration and maximize automation.

To further reduce customers’ workload from IT maintenance and to allow them to focus on the implementation of IT strategy and deployment, New H3C offers a comprehensive and innovative virtualization solution. One set of physical network resources can be virtualized as multiple logical networks, helping configure different security and management policies for different users.

For data center applications, integration, virtualization and automation are the main three focuses of New H3C. Security integration, network virtualization and automated management solutions are deployed in the Ethernet-based unified data center solutions. All of the above innovative solutions can maximize the utilization of network resources and greatly reduce user's investment.

New H3C, established in 2003, has sold tens of millions switches in China market. In 2017 Q3, New H3C’s market share on switches rose to 34.5% (Sourced by IDC). The company also ranks number one in their technical strength and sales volume in the industry. Widely deployed in different sectors, including government, operators, financial, educational, and medical institutions, New H3C has become the preferred network infrastructure brand in the market. Besides the local market, New H3C has expanded to the international market and their products and solutions are available in nearly 100 countries and regions with broad customer portfolios, including Vodafone, Telefonica, Swisscom, Coca Cola, DreamWorks, SNCF, Sberbank of Russia, Samsung Electronics and FIFA World Cup Brazil.

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