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07-Fit AP Group Management

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7  Fit AP Group Management

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

iMC: iMC PLAT 3.20-R2602P08, iMC WSM 3.50-F5201P01


Video Description

Fit AP group management allows you to create groups, classify the Fit APs associated with an AC into the created groups, and assign operators different Fit AP group management privileges, thus greatly facilitating Fit AP management.

This case shows the main functions of Fit AP group management by illustrating how to create a Fit AP group, add an operator to manage the group, and add Fit APs to the group.


Experiment Environment

More than one operator and multiple Fit APs are available in iMC.


Recommended Configuration Flow

Step1   Add two iMC operators. Set their privileges to maintenancer and viewer respectively.

Step2   Create two Fit AP groups and specify an operator for each of them.

Step3   Verify whether privileges are successfully assigned to the operators.