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04-How to Use QoS Monitoring

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How to Use QoS Monitoring

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

l          iMC PLAT 3.20-R2606L11

l          iMC VSM 3.50-R5403

Web interfaces of different versions may vary.


Video Description

The QoS monitoring function of the VSM allows you to view the specific QoS indexes of an IP phone that has bad voice quality.

This case illustrates how to use the VSM QoS monitoring function.

QoS monitoring is available only for some 3Com IP phones. Contact your vendor for relevant information.


Experiment Environment

l          Ensure the target VCX device is operating normally and has connected to a registered IP phone.

l          Ensure that the SSH settings on the VCX device are consistent with those on the iMC.


Recommended Configuration Flow

Step1   Add an IP phone to be monitored.

Step2   Add the monitoring device in Monitoring Setting and select monitoring indexes

Step3   View voice performance monitoring information

Step4   View QoS monitoring report