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The iMC MPLS VPN Manager, hereinafter referred to as MVM, is designed by H3C for MPLS VPN network management. It can be used in MPLS VPN networks of various sizes to provide MPLS VPN network management functions, including service discovery, topology display, status monitoring, connectivity audit, performance management, and service deployment.

This video series illustrates how the primary MVM functions work and how to configure these functions in the typical networking modes of Full-Mesh and Hub-Spoke, helping you manage your MPLS VPN network faster and better.

Figure 1-1 Full-Mesh networking


Figure 1-2 Hub-Spoke networking



1) This video was recorded based on the version of iMC PLAT 3.20-R2602 and iMC MVM 3.20-E5201. Web interfaces of different versions may vary.

2) To view the video, click the download link.





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