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Syslog Manager

Based on Intelligent Management Center (iMC), syslog manager is developed to manage the system logs of a device. Syslog manager collects and displays log information of the system, and provides the event association and analysis function to escalate matched system logs to alarms and then forward them, thus helping you find, locate and solve network problems.

These functions include:

·     Browse Syslog: Provides abundant query criteria for you to view system logs, thus helping you quickly know the current network environment. In addition, you can export the specified data and use it as the data source for analysis and generating reports.

·     Syslog Template: Allows you to customize the match content for retrieving the content of system logs to use for customizing alarm generation rules, enhancing the reusability of customized match contents.

·     Filtering Syslog: Allows you to set syslog filtering rules to filter large numbers of system logs in the network, and receive only target logs.

·     Syslog to Alarm: Various types of predefined rules automatically escalate the interested system logs to alarms, helping you deal with large numbers of system logs.