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iMC TAM Configuration Examples-5PW100

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TAM Configuration Examples

TACACS+ Authentication Manager (TAM) is used to centrally manage network maintainers. TAM operates based on the IMC enterprise and standard platform to provide authentication, authorization, and auditing for network maintainers through the TACACS+ protocol.

TAM supports the following services:

·     Authentication−Authenticates network maintainers to ensure that only valid network maintainers can log in to devices.

·     Authorization−Assigns different device management privileges to different network maintainers, so they can perform only authorized operations on devices.

·     Audit−Audits network maintainers by monitoring and recording online behaviors.

·     Collaboration−Cooperates with the mainstream TACACS+ supporting devices, such as HP devices, H3C devices, and Cisco devices.

The TAM configuration examples are intended to help customers deploy various TAM features in typical network scenarios. These documents provide not only step-by-step configuration procedures but also configuration analysis and guidelines to help customers understand the configuration.

The following are available configuration examples:

·     iMC TAM and RSA Two-Factor Authentication Configuration Examples