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03-iMC NME Configuration Examples

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NME Configuration Examples

The Network Management Essential(NME) features alarm management. iMC can receive traps and SNMPv2c/v3 informs.

The alarm management function consists of:

·           Real-time Unacknowledged Alarms

·           Faulty Device Detected

·           All Alarms

·           Filtering Rule

·           Notification and Forwarding Settings

The NME configuration examples are intended to help customers deploy various NME features in typical network scenarios. These documents provide not only step-by-step configuration procedures but also configuration analysis and guidelines to help customers understand the configuration.

The following are available configuration examples:

·           iMC NME IMC Trap Filtering Rule Configuration Examples

·           iMC NME IMC Trap-to-Alarm Upgrade Configuration Examples