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iMC IVM Configuration Examples-5PW102

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IVM Configuration Examples

IVM provides unified management of IPsec VPN configurations. It is designed for managing network domains, IPsec device configurations, and security proposal templates, implementing high-efficiency management and flexible deployment.

IVM provides the network domain management function for IPsec VPN, GRE over IPsec, and DVPN, allowing you to add IPsec devices to the same network domain for unified configuration management. It allows you to perform batch deployment operations, tear down IPsec tunnels, and view topologies, facilitating your network maintenance work. In addition, it can cooperate with BIMS to manage Spoke devices that are located behind NAT and use dynamic IP addresses.

The IVM configuration examples are intended to help customers deploy various IVM features in typical network scenarios. These documents provide not only step-by-step configuration procedures but also configuration analysis and guidelines to help customers understand the configuration.

The following are available configuration examples:

·     iMC IVM Configuration Examples

·     iMC IVM Building IPsec VPNs with IVM and BIMS Configuration Examples