Information Security Means Asset Assurance

In the information era, cyberspace has become the fifth space along with land, sea, sky and outer space, and information is an important asset. In this situation, the protection of information security has become a vital development strategy to enterprises and even countries. In February 2014, the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs was founded and was headed by Xi Jinping (President of the PRC). In 2015, the Cyber Security Law (draft) was promulgated, and provided an organizational and legislative assurance for realizing the dream of transforming China into a powerful cyber country.

With the extensive application of the Internet, cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data, information is characterized by higher openness, higher mobility and larger quantities. The traditional fence-like security protection system (based on specific deployment) is far from enough to ensure information security. In addition, the information security protection system at infrastructure layer (which is centered on product capabilities) cannot provide an all-around and effective defense against the various risks of information security. The new H3C puts forth a Big Security strategy, which is a brand-new information security strategy and system. It covers a variety of fields including network security, host security, application security, mobile security, security of the Internet of Things, and cloud computing security.

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    Adapting to Diverse Network Scenarios
    President Xi Jinping said, "Cyber security and development are just like the two wings of the body or the two wheels of the driver". H3C's security solution provides effective security protection for the diverse network scenarios (for example, data centers, campus networks, WANs, and cloud security).
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    Professional Security Services
    In the future, information security will focus on application security, data security and cloud security. Professional security services and cloud security services will become an issue of common concern for governments and enterprises. Users will refocus their information security from product development to capability development. This will inevitably bring about higher requirements for security services. Using a complete security solution, the new H3C builds a bridge between users and products.div>