Mobile IT: From Passive Adaptation to Active Selection

Mobile IT is not only changing people's lifestyle and work patterns, but also promoting technological and commercial reforms. Today, more and more employees choose or are required by their employers to handle office or business affairs via mobile intelligent terminals. A mobile enterprise solution allows any terminal device (including but not limited to a smartphone and tablet) to access applications, desktops, data and services securely and instantly from any network anytime and anywhere. Using the mobile enterprise solution, an organization can allow its employees to flexibly select an office work mode.

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    BYOD Solution
    The new H3C provides an integrated mobile terminal network access solution to manage mobile services, terminals, and mobile networks. This facilitates managing mobile terminal hardware, auditing and managing the installation and usage of terminal software, and ensures the security of data transmitted and stored by mobile terminals. By migrating a service system from a fixed desktop operation platform to a mobile platform, the BYOD solution brings limitless possibilities to extend office and business work.
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    Professional Mobile IT Services
    The application scope of mobile enterprise has been expanded from limited basic-use cases (for example, mobile emails) to a complete range of mobile office products and professional use cases. The new H3C provides strategic consultancy services for mobile enterprise and development services for mobile devices and applications. H3C also provides a variety of customer-oriented and employee-oriented mobile applications using a leading mobile development and test platform, and provides customized mobile solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of users in different industries.