Develop Core Skills and Win a Knowledge-based Advantage

The training and certification services offered by the new H3C are well-known for such features as the global leadership, continuous innovations, diverse development and efficiency orientation. The services enable all-round end-to-end overall solutions, excellent implementation and operation capabilities. In addition, the company has countrywide branch offices, and advanced software/hardware facilities. Therefore, the training and certification services win a certain differentiation advantage and leading status,, and can satisfy the training needs at varying levels for different jobs, ranging from enterprises to individuals, from managerial personnel to field operation personnel, and from implementation mode to IT application skills.

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    HP University China is committed to becoming the best service provider and an industrial leader that the Chinese enterprises and individuals trust in continuous learning and development. It was founded when HP set foot in China in 1985. In its initial stage, HP University China mainly provided product and technical services for customers and channel partners in China. With the rapid development of China's enterprises and economy, HP University China vigorously responds to accommodate the ever-changing needs of markets and customers. Over 30 years, HP University China has built six training schools including HP Business School, HP IT Management School, HP IT Technology School, HP Quality School, HP Service Outsourcing School and HP E-learning School. Relying upon the educational resources of the six schools, HP University China provides human resource development services for governments and industrial parks. Based on the philosophy of "Root in China and Serve China", HP's educational and training system takes a leading role in different areas of expertise as well as offering all-around and hybrid training service solutions.

    HP University China provides a variety of professional training and consultancy service solutions, implements an advanced international educational philosophy, and shares HP's best practice with the trainees, so as to help enterprises improve the professional competences of their employees, create excellent value and attain sustained development.


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      IT Management School
      Course series for new-generation IT management,Course series for enterprise architecture and planning,Course series for business requirement analysis,Course series For R&D and test,Course series For project management,Hands-on course series for service management,Course series for 1TIL V3 cerlificalion,Hands-on course series for data center management,Course series for internal risk control,Course series For soft skills of IT professionals
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      Business School
      Organization-level MBA,Management philosophy,Sales philosophy,Talent philosophy,Training camp for new manager,Corporate university solution
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      Quality School
      Strategy implementation solution,Operational excellence solution,Supply chain solution,Product innovation solution,IT quality solution
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      E-Learning School
      Online college,consultancy,E-earning platform,Mobile learning platform,HP e-Iearning course
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      Service Outsourcing School
      Professional outsourcing service for corporate,training and talent cultivation,Training planning, management and implementation,for large project,BOP talent cultivation,Service philosophy
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      Cultivation of professional talents
      Planning and construction of professional talent cultivation base, Planning and consultancy of professional talent cultivation system,Education cloud,Systemized, professionalized and industrialized talent cultivation,Hands-on training for college students, and Iarge-scale cultivation,of skilled personnel,College-enterprise cooperation
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      IT Technology School
      Device management (server, storage and network),
      Operating system (HP-UN, NonStop, Linux),
      Virtualization technology (VMware, Integrity VSE),
      Open source technology (Hadoop, OpenStack),
      Programming language (C, Java, Python),
      Hands-on training platform for big dala

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    The H3C Training Center is a professional training organization committed to providing a wide range of network product training services and network technology certification services for its customers, channel partners, employees and outside IT professionals across the world.

    So far, H3C Training Center has built large-scale training bases in Beijing and Hangzhou and have more than 20 authorized training centers and 400 e-learning schools across the world, plus a number of network laboratories for nearly 1,000 colleges in China. By the end of 2015, the H3C Training Center has trained more than 230,000 people living in more than 40 countries or regions, and issued various professional certificates to more than 120,000 trainees. As a result, it has successively been awarded various honorary titles, for example, Top 10 Influential Certification Brands, Most Valuable Course, Outstanding Contribution Award on Network Technology Education for Colleges, College-Enterprise Cooperation Award, and Most Responsible Enterprise Award.

    H3C Standard Training

    H3C standard training refers to the training that H3C Training Center's headquarters or authorized training organizations delivers by offering the training content and hours specified by H3C's training program. H3C standard training includes standard product training, management training, and certification training. The standard training is characterized by systematical training content, normative training environments, and sufficient opportunities for hands-on practice.

    H3C Customized Training

    H3C customized training offers customized training courses to satisfy personalized training needs. The customized training covers three types of training services including the customized product training package, special-theme technology training, and customized certification training. It is intended to develop human resources in IP network management, and has successfully served diverse sectors including telecommunications, governments, taxation, public security, finance and electric power.

    Hands-on Training Service

    H3C's all-round talent cultivation service solution for colleges covers the hands-on training service, experimental teaching, teacher training, and an employment service. In particular, the advanced hands-on training service solution is comprised of five sub-modules including hands-on training for network fundamentals, hands-on training on security and defense, hands-on training for wireless networks, hands-on training for SDN, and hands-on training for cloud computing. The hands-on training services genuinely help regular colleges and vocational colleges advance educational reforms and increase the employment chances for college graduates.