New H3C Era: Current IT Industry Pattern to Change

Unisplendour today announced it closed a transaction with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to create New H3C Group (New H3C).

Per the agreement, Unisplendour purchased a 51% stake in New H3C, comprising H3C Technologies and UNIS Huashan (former HPE's China-based server, storage and technology services businesses). Tony Yu, the Executive Vice President of Tsinghua Unigroup, will serve as the CEO and President of New H3C.


The new company brings together H3C’s innovation capabilities as well as experiences in new IT technologies and markets; with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s high-end storage and server technology, its market presence and channels, as well as rich experiences; together with the competitive advantages of UniGroup providing complete industrial chains, to create the New H3C – of which the establishment shall change the current IT industry pattern.

“As the initiator of New IT and advocate of new economy, New H3C will focus on the New IT domains. New H3C aims to create a hyper-converged new IT eco-system to help industries to achieve the evolution and convergence from traditional IT to new IT, driving the transformation, upgrading and revolution of all industries In the progress of modernization, industrialization and intellectualization, as well as in the formation of brand new business models, New IT will continue to play an instrumental role in boosting the rapid growth of new economy”, said Tony Yu.