Tony Yu from H3C: “China’s Technologies Light Up Overseas Markets.” 《》

Tony Yu from H3C: “China’s Technologies Light Up Overseas Markets.” 《》

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Tony Yu, president and CEO of H3C, said: “As a technology enterprise with global view and business in over 100 countries and regions, H3C is equipped with advanced technologies and experience. Over the past three years, the Group actively participated in the informationization construction in regions along ‘the Belt and Road’ to advance the realization of new generation’s information technologies there.”

Data Center of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a significant financing platform for “the Belt and Road” initiative, providing solid support for financial cooperation among countries and regions. H3C directly took part in the building and operation and maintenance of Data Center of AIIB. It exerts its self-owned technologies and solutions as well as years of experience in construction and service of financial informationization to guarantee its safe and efficient operation.

Core Network of Chambishi Copper Mine in Zambia

Zambia hosts a great deal of copper deposits, which is also known as “the country of copper.” Chambishi Copper Mine is a “signature project of China-Africa cooperation.” H3C undertook the building of core network covering the whole mining area, which provided core bearing capacity for work and production there.

Core Network of Tagaungtaung Nickel Mine in Myanmar

Nickel project in Tagaungtaung area is one of the China-Myanmar cooperative projects in mining industry. H3C undertook the construction of network covering smelting area, mining area and living area, which provides core bearing capacity for work and production there.

Network of Cabinda Stadium in Angola


Cabinda Stadium in Angola

Angola is the host of the 27th Africa Cup of Nations. H3C undertook the construction of cable and wireless network within the gymnasium for opening ceremony. It facilitated staff and audience’s internet surfing and journalists’ real-time report, enabling worldwide viewers to enjoy the happiness brought by African soccer.

Subway signal systems in countries like Pakistan, Australia and Ethiopia


Light rail in Ethiopia

H3C, cooperating with Casco, a signaling solution provider, provided solutions for subway signal systems in countries including Pakistan, Australia and Ethiopia to safeguard the subways’ safe and efficient operation.

It’s reported that H3C has established “the Belt and Road” Working Team specialized in plan and implementation of cooperative projects concerning “the Belt and Road” initiative. Down the road, H3C will sustain its strategic cooperation with partners by harnessing cutting-edge IT technologies, so as to bring IT technologies and products to other parts of the world.