The new H3C Group was founded. UNIS (000938), a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, holds 51% of the share and Hewlett Packard Enterprise holds 49% of the share.
H3C launched the "cloud sharing" strategy and also the new virtualization platform CAS3.0, cloud platform H3Cloud OS and hyper-converged system UIS 3.0.
H3C signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hebei Unicom to jointly push forward the development of Hebei Unicom's broadband communication and information service industry.
UIS ranked first in the Chinese hyper-converged market with the share of 43.1% in the first half of 2015, according to IDC data.
H3C released the service strategy of new IT intelligent operation and maintenance as well as intelligent remote operation and maintenance service.
H3C launched the Connect + strategy.
H3C passed all the five national standard cloud tests and became one of the few leading cloud computing vendors who had passed all the tests in the industry.
H3C launched the world's first all-in-one security delivery platform, the "H3C Tianji" system.
The CAS software broke the world record in the SPECvirt test, demonstrating its optimum virtualization performance in the industry.
H3C released the consumer product Magic and the new product Magic B1.
H3C security products have been selected in the concentrated procurements of the three major vendors.
H3C won the bidding of the concentrated IPRAN product procurement project of China Telecom. From this point, H3C opened a new market and further established itself as a mainstream brand for operators.
In 2015, China Hewlett-Packard established Unis-Huashan, the Company and its subsidiaries cover all the businesses of HPEnterprise in China.
In 2014, H3C released the first united infrastructure system (UIS) that integrates networking, computing and storage in China.
In 2014, H3C became the sole IT company with the strongest sense of responsibility in China.
The Smart City Research Institute was founded.
H3C signed a strategic agreement with Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute to jointly make innovations in and explore future networks.
H3C signed the Responsibility Agreement on Comprehensive Trials of Technological Innovation in Cloud Engineering and Cloud Service Industries with the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Municipal Government and Binjiang District Government. Thus the research institute of cloud engineering and cloud service was founded.
The SDN/NFV Industry Alliance was jointly initiated and founded by the MIIT China Academy of Telecommunication Research and 15 units in the industry. As one of the council members of the alliance, H3C will focus on the commercial practices and development of the SDN/NFV industry.
In 2014, the People's Government of Qinghai Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd.
In 2013, H3C released the Company’s new vision of becoming a leader in the field of New IT infrastructure.
H3C released the new-generation multi-service security gateways SecPath M9000 series and brought high-end security products to new heights.
H3C released distributed data center solutions to adapt to various building models, including the local active-active data center, three functional data centers deployed locally and remotely and cloud computing data center.
H3C released the BYOD solution to provide a complete solution architecture that incorporates the infrastructure, terminal management and upper application.
H3C released a full set of commercial SDN solutions.
H3C released SR8800-X series cloud service routers, the first multidimensional virtual products in the industry.
H3C initiated the Cloud and Internet convergence idea, and launched the H3C VAN virtual application solution and H3Cloud solution.
In 2013, the People's Government of Hainan Province and China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation, and unveiled the HP Hainan Branch.
In 2013, China Hewlett-Packard was founded.
In 2011, H3C ranked No.5 among domestic enterprises after obtaining 481 invention patents in that year.
H3C launched the industry's first 40 GB firewall service module and the new-generation F100 series firewalls.
H3C released SR6600-X high-end routers dedicated for cloud service applications, which are also preferred for aggregation of high-end enterprise networks and operator edge scenarios.
H3C released the new-generation Internet NGIP leading roadmap.
H3C released the new-generation best-in-class WA3600 series of 802.11n wireless access devices, which are characterized by a faster transmission rate and more intelligentized perceptive function.
H3C released the new-generation data center access series switches S5830, being the first targeting the heavy-load cloud network and featuring the access capability of the highest density in the industry.
H3C became the first network firewall manufacturer to be certified by ICSA among its competitors in China.
H3C launched its new-generation iMC V5, breaking new ground in architecture, function, operation and maintenance procedure and usability of the management platform.
H3C released S10500 series core switches designed and developed specific to the core layers of next-generation campus networks and convergence layers of MANs.
China HP establishes the China Headquarters of the Personal System Group (PSG) in Shanghai.
In 2010, H3C garnered the largest market share in the domestic enterprise-class data communication product market.
H3C released the new-generation data center solutions to enhance the capability of the solutions from the aspects of converged infrastructure, virtualization and intelligentization.
H3C products were used for building the global six data centers of HP.
H3C occupied the largest share of the domestic corporate-level data communications market for the first time.
H3C's DC switches became the first products to be green certified among its competitors.
H3C launched the new-generation data center solutions and products with unified exchange architecture, including the S12500 core switches that are the first series based on the 100 GB platform in China.
H3C's new-generation data center solutions won the bidding of the largest domestic supercomputing center―Shanghai Supercomputer Center.
H3C formulated the national industry standard for energy conservation test of communication equipment under the entrustment of China Communications Standards Association.
In 2009, HP cooperated with the People's Government of Suzhou Municipality to establish a world-class software outsourcing center.
H3C's team of 227 members successfully completed the tasks to ensure the safety of related customers during the Olympic Games.
H3C officially published open interfaces of the intelligent management center iMC, becoming the first to publish the interfaces of IT management products among global major telecom networkers.
H3C released the new-generation unified threat management (UTM) devices that are developed based on the multi-core and multi-threaded security platform.
H3C released the first domestic corporate-level wireless products and unified mobile network (UMN) solutions based on the 802.11n draft standard.
In 2008, China HP Global Call Center, China HP Software Solution Center and HP Global Test Service Center were established in Chongqing, China.
In 2007, H3C released strategic planning and vision –IToIP.
H3C released the OAA cooperation plan with Intel, Rising and other manufacturers and propelled the evolution of the IToIP strategy from "standardization" to "open cooperation".
H3C signed a global strategic cooperation agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks.
 In 2007, H3C was officially renamed as Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (“H3C").
In 2006, the "H3C" brand was created.
H3C released the H3C Certified Internetwork Expert, a high-end certification program and established a complete network-technique certification system since then.
H3C's high-end Ethernet switches won the honor of "National Key New Product" jointly issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, AQSIQ and SEPA.
In 2006, HP (Shanghai) Information Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd. was founded.
H3C was contracted to construct the first-phase project of the National E-Government Network.
H3C released the Safe Pervasive Network solution and full series of products, marking that its focus shifted from the "network + security" scheme to the integrated "secure network" solution.
H3C signed a global strategic cooperation agreement with Marconi.
In 2005, HP Labs China was founded.
H3C set up product identification and test centers in Beijing and Hangzhou as an important link in quality and solution assurance.
H3C set up product identification and test centers in Beijing and Hangzhou as an important link in quality and solution assurance.
H3C signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Siemens Business Communication System, Ltd. to provide the data products required for the company's solutions.
H3C released the new-generation S8500 series of 10 GB core switches.
In 2004, Hewlett-Packard (Dalian) Global Operation Center was established.
In 2003, Huawei-3Com Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
H3C signed the OEM agreement with NEC.
In 2002, HP Global Software Service Center (China) was founded in Shanghai.
In 2003, Huawei-3Com Technology Co., Ltd. was established.