Descriptions of New H3C’s Corporate Social Responsibilities
From New H3C’s perspective, it is true that the growth of a company is not only evaluated based on its own strengths, but also dependent on its acknowledgement of its social responsibilities. Therefore, New H3C sees corporate social responsibilities as key liability that affects company development. With the innovative advantages in independent R&D and years of global experiences, we are dedicated to help industries to achieve transformation with our identity as new IT solutions leader. Furthermore, New H3C will strive to lead the Chinese IT industry in implementing sustainability, actively participating each and every major event related to development of the nation and livelihood of the people; seamlessly working with both upstream and downstream suppliers as well as partners to towards a harmonic, healthy and innovation-friendly New IT eco-system; and improving the development and competence of China’s IT industry by constantly training young talents for the industry and enriching the national think tank reserve.
Implementing National Strategies
In 2016, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out “New Economy” in his government work report, which refers to informatization and globalization, centering on high technology innovations and other consequent innovations thereafter. New H3C’s “New IT” strategy is a strong enabler of the New Economy, which can help revolutionize the production, management and operation modes; modifying the industry chain, supply chain and value chain; and revitalizing the traditional momentums, thus eventually accelerating the development of new economy.
As the initiator of “New IT” and advocate of new economy, New H3C will continue to invest in the high technology areas with focuses on four major New IT domains as mobile internet, Big Security, cloud computing, and Big Data. New H3C aims to create a hyper-converged new IT eco-system to help industries to achieve the evolution and convergence from traditional IT to new IT, driving the transformation, upgrading and revolution of all industries In the progress of modernization, industrialization and intellectualization, as well as in the formation of brand new business models, New IT will continue to play an instrumental role in boosting the rapid growth of new economy.
Driving the Industry Evolution
In the context where the global economy recovery is slowing down, Chinese economy ought to seek breakthroughs from its three traditional pillar industries, by promoting the modernization of agriculture, driving the industrial structure towards mid- and high-end, and further implementing the reform of the service industry. The industry evolution brought about by “New Economy” is flourishing in China, which will lead to new sources of traditional industry growth, and new advantages of economic and social development.
New H3C will build upon its New IT technologies to drive the government transformation towards service-oriented government, improve the level of agricultural modernization, boost smart energy and smart manufacturing, and help to deepen the reform of healthcare, education, entrepreneurship and other service sections.
With years’ experiences in industries and innovative technologies, New H3C will continue to consolidate its advantages in resources, providing comprehensive portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions catering for every section of the traditional industries, and lead the path towards industry upgrading via technological innovations.
Benefiting the Society
As a Chinese enterprise, New H3C will make full efforts on its social responsibilities, actively cooperating with governments, enterprises, schools and non-profit organizations to push forward innovative public welfare and to help solving social issues, and eventually to contribute to the sustainable development of China.
New H3C always focuses on improving the quality of people’s lives, actively taking part in the various public utility projects, including Smart Hospital and Remote Healthcare, which are aimed to sharing information across medical institutions and allowing for free flow of medical resources. In addition, New H3C also helps build the sound educational IT infrastructure for enhanced educational equity, improved educational quality, and lifelong learning of citizens.
In improving the level of government management and services, New H3C provides the top architecture design and information service platform for data sharing, removing the previous information silos; and provide the new smart service system combining data storage, analytics and apps, which enables the governments to make well-informed decisions with trusted data.
Broadband is the fundamental facility in the informationization of a country. New H3C will contribute to the construction of broadband network covering urban and remote regions as well as the implementation of next-generation internet and broadcasting networks to enrich the lives and work for people.
Building the National Think Tank
New H3C educates the innovative IT people, builds the think tank, as well as constantly improving the network technology education & training platform and knowledge management system.
New H3C maintains the mature, complete system for educating the network technology people, spanning from accreditation of network engineers and experts, to faculty education. As a matter of fact, it has entered into partnerships with more than 500 higher education institutions, implementing certification training of over 230,000 people, out of which 120,000 have obtained their certificates. Furthermore, over 400 colleges and universities distributed in 31 provinces and municipalities have joined in “H3C Online School Initiative”, which has provided classroom training of over 130,000 students, and improved the employment of related colleges and universities by 20%.
In addition to the existing H3C Online School and HP University, New H3C will continue to drive the development of New H3C University, to make it the best provider and leader trusted by the outstanding Chinese businesses and individuals for both of their continuous learning and development.
Enabling the Environmental Sustainability
New H3C fully implements the practices of energy conservation and environmental protection, forging an environment- friendly New IT eco-system with innovative technology.
From the concept to design methodology and operations, New H3C goes beyond “device level energy conservation and emission reduction”, and revolutionarily achieves that purpose through system level designs and applications.
New H3C implements a Green operation system, with IPD practices throughout the product lifecycle from design to purchase, manufacturing, logistics, sales, use and recycling, in combination with a complete Green quality assurance system. In addition, New H3C will continue to implement its system for assessment of product impact on environment, and obtain the environmental information of products by testing their environmental performance indices and lifecycles. This move is of great practical significance for New H3C to promote its Green strategy, and it is currently one of the very few vendors that maintains such a capability.
Assuring Communications for the Major Events
Looking at domestic and global major activities, New H3C committed itself in providing professional internet communications service, which also demonstrates New H3C’s responsibilities.
From the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the 2010 Shanghai EXPO , from the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 to the 2014 Brazil World Cup, from the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games to 60th anniversary parade of China and the 2014 APEC conference, from the 70th-Anniversity of Great Anti-Fascist War Military Parade to the World Internet Conference, New H3C can be spotted behind numbers of major events from home and abroad.
In the future, New H3C will continue to commit itself to CSRs by providing more value added services through new concepts and innovative means in the fields of cloud computing, new network, mobile IT and big data.