H3C iMC in the Higher Education Industry

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1. Guide Reading

The iMC basic management platform and the distributed deployment of components are used to relieve the performance pressure of large capacity management. It ensures that nearly 40,000 staff members of the school can work in the network at the same time, and that the management equipment remains running at high stability.

Based on iMC's open interface and customization abilities, its smooth docking and school card system are realized, and the personalized Portal authentication interface is customized for the university, meeting the client's personalized needs.

iMC provides flexible backup mechanisms that ensures data security through timed backup of data, thus meeting the school's data safety needs.

2. Background and Requirements

A well-known university in Anhui is a key university in China's Project 211. The school has four campuses and a University Science Park, with an area of over 3200 mu and a building area of 1.2 million square meters. There are 26,000 full-time students now.

The university is committed to building a smart campus. After the construction of the campus network, they hope to build a card system based on the existing platform, and dock it to the school card system through the platform's secondary development, so that teachers and students in any campus network terminal will have access to self-service. Based on performance, the security of the network can be ensured at the same time.

3. H3C Solutions

According to the network requirements of the university, H3C adopts the iMC integrated management solution for centralized management of university network equipment, enabling access to users through a set of systems.

How to make detailed authentication and billing for users in the campus network is another important concern of the school. H3C adopts the iMC CAMS authentication and billing solutions to provide a customizable strategy based on a deployed iMC intelligent management platform and a UAM (user access management) component. It supports the unified management of various services such as RADIUS access authentication, authorization and billing, as well as flexible and diverse billing strategies. It can perform detailed management of college students' online authentication and billing.

The iMC APM application management solution monitors key applications of the network in real time, and ensures normal operation of key tasks of the campus network.

High requirements are placed on the performance and stability of the management system, in consideration of the need for infrastructure management and authentication and billing for the entire campus network. The iMC system supports the the management platform's distributed installation, UAM component, APM component and CAMS component on different servers, while at the same time, the iMC management platform adopts the DBMAN backup mode for synchronization of data, thus the requirements of the university in terms of performance and stability are satisfactorily met.

4. Why H3C?

In light of the different college and university application scenarios, H3C has introduced numerous perfect solutions, including its integrated wireless campus network, campus data center, IPv6 campus network, and comprehensive management of campus network egress.

Meantime, H3C has extensive experience in the campus network solutions used widely in most of China's key universities, including the wireless campus network of the University of Hong Kong, the wireless library of Tsinghua University, and the wireless campus network of Fudan University.

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